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Nostalgic for A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010
by Tim Malcolm

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A Nightmare On Elm Street remake coming for 2010

A Nightmare On Elm Street remake coming for 2010
A Nightmare On Elm Street.

I don't often get too excited about many films these days. It seems like the same old stories being told a dozen times just with different actors and actresses in them. I find that I still enjoy 70% of the films that are put out today. I am pretty easily entertained and being the movie geek that I am I enjoy every genre so it makes it a lot easier to find films that I can get into.

Horror films have always held a special place in my heart but are also the ONE genre that makes my 70% figure as stated earlier a complete lie. I probably only like about 5% of the horror films put out these days. First off they keep trying to expand their audience by making these directors behave with the gore and killing to achieve the PG-13 rating. I get this from a business perspective but at the same time you don't see Disney making R rated films to appeal to adults. Now I get that Disney doesn't have to do that because if it makes its movies appeal to children then their parents or other adults will be the ones bringing them and ultimately sitting down and watching the movie as well but still the studios need to realize horror films need the type things that would necessitate an R rating to make it successful.

So the ratings are screwed up and the plots have just become ridiculous. Most directors opt for the use of cheap thrills and effects instead of making interesting "boogymen" so-to-speak that actually make you want to see more. Back in the day it was just a little different.

Lets see if you recognize these iconic horror figures? Does Freddy Kruger, Jason Vorhees, Chucky, Pinhead, Leatherface or hell even The Leprechaun ring a bell? Funny how all of these figures were made popular in the 1980's. Now try to name an iconic horror figure that was born in the last decade? Good luck with that one.

As a child the first horror film I remember seeing was A Nightmare On Elm Street on regular cable and I didn't make it past the opening credits. If you remember it starts off with Freddy Krueger fashioning his glove of knives and that was enough for me at
He would have always had a knife to cut his mustard biscuits with.

He would have always had a knife to cut his mustard biscuits with.
about 7 years old. About 5 years later Freddy came to haunt me again when my oldest brother Shayne rented A Nightmare On Elm Street part 3 (The Dream Warriors) and just as the scene with the naked nurse came on my mother walked in and I got in trouble for watching nudity. However this did start an infatuation with the nightmare movies and I.

When I got to be a teenager I started buying the Nightmare films on VHS and quickly had them all. The only one that I actually got to see in the movie theatre was Wes Craven's New Nightmare (part 7) which my brother and I had luckily won a screener pass from the local radio station. I want you to understand how lucky this was because the only other pass we won was for Vanilla Ice's movie debut called Cool As Ice. Yes we went and we saw some lucky bastard win a motorcycle and enjoyed our free film.

I love the character of Freddy Krueger. In my opinion he is the most interesting and unique character out of any other. The only movie to ever come close in achieving this which they managed to screw up very quickly was The Creeper in Jeepers Creepers. Freddy Krueger became that movie legend that I wanted as my friend to go and kill all the bullys and assholes at my school. He was always a frightening person to me and I watched the series of films hundreds of times and
never lost interest in a few of them even to this day.

A Nightmare On Elm Street being the first installment of the series is looked at as being the best one. I have to agree with people on this because it was a truly scary film that kept you wanting to watch more even though it freaked you out a little to see what was happening. Part two in the series came out and boy oh boy did they try to ruin this legacy quickly. I mean the story doesn't even fit into the series but thats a subject for a different column. However they did manage to redeem themselves and started pumping out sequel after sequel that filled us Freddy junkies with all of our desired cravings.

Freddy VS Jason was important enough to get me to actually go to a theater   to see it.
Do you see any similarities? Robert Englund's twin? NO!

Do you see any similarities? Robert Englund's twin? NO!
It was always like that when you were young. You liked Freddy and your friend liked Jason...it was always one or the other and everybody use to say "ah man Freddy would whoop Jason's ass" or vice versa. It was an important story for both franchises because Freddy and Jason are like ketchup and mustard....they just always kind of went together. People wanted to know who the better icon was and we found out quickly that Freddy can put the smackdown on Jason.

So now after long years we have not heard anything from Freddy Krueger. We got the lame remake of Friday the 13th in 2009 and then caught word that Freddy Krueger may be returning to the screen again. I must admit I got excited when I first heard the news. Surprisingly though I had been reading for years that a Nightmare prequel was in the works...one that portrayed Freddy Krueger before being burned and turning immortal. This was a cool concept but I still had doubts that they would be able to make him as scary without his "special powers" as a regular Joe who just likes to kill little kids. Then it was announced that the film was going to be yet ........ another remake.

I'm not ever against remakes being made. I have had this argument a time or two here on MatchFlick that we should never boycott remakes because if it sucks you don't have to watch it and if its good then you have another movie to watch that you really enjoy. I do not think for one minute that if they make a sucky remake that it degrades the original accomplishment. Does it disappoint me ...of course.... but I have seen some remakes that by far surpassed the original.

So the big question was who is going to play Freddy Krueger and this was a BIG question. None of the other characters were important enough to worry about just like most horror films. I heard rumors of Billy Bob Thorton playing the burned maniac and I really was pleased with that decision. Then it turned and turned until they finally announced that Jackie Earle Haley was the new Freddy. The first thing that came to mind was "who the fu*k is Jackie  Earle Haley??"
Looking a little nice to be Freddy Krueger but Jackie even nice looks weird

Looking a little nice to be Freddy Krueger but Jackie even nice looks weird
So of course I got on the computer and realized that I actually like this guy just never knew his name. He played a sex offender in the movie Little Children and I thought he was wonderful as a psycho sex maniac. My opinion stopped there as I needed to see him dressed as Krueger and more importantly TALK as Krueger. This coming days after I had seen a youtube video of director Christopher Johnson IV as Freddy Krueger
in a concept trailer that Johnson made trying to score the part of Freddy. It was unbelievably awesome and I was sad and alarmed that the studio didn't see it that way. So Jackie Haley already was kind of coming in as the bad guy with me because I wanted Johnson. Now I get that replacing Robert Englund is no easy task when this man's entire career has centered around this character but
lets get real they should have paid out the big bucks and got a well known actor.

Details of the new Nightmare film have been kept low key. We do not know how much this will favor the original script or if it will combine
a couple of the scripts sort of like Friday the 13th....lets remember in the original Friday the 13th Jason Vorhees was not the killer and in the remake he was. I see that the character of Nancy is in this one which appeared in the original film and part 3 but other then that I'm not recognizing the rest of the characters.

Now I'm a super fan of this film. I have Freddy pens, Freddy posters, Freddy trading cards, Freddy comic books,Freddy costumes, Freddy pictures including one signed by Robert Englund, a REAL Freddy glove made with metal instead of plastic like the Halloween costume one, and sadly enough I even have Freddy dolls that yes I play with. So I really want to go into this with an open mind and realize that its not going to be the original but it could possibly be a fresh take on the burned bastard that I have grown to love. The rest shall be written and we shall find out on April 30th, 2010. I also read that a sequel is already in the works to this remake so maybe the studio really feels that they have something..

Thanks for reading!!

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