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Clash of the Titans
by The Alpha Craig

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's .......

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's .......
Now before you all go and get the title twisted around, I am not referring to the popular 1981 movie starring Harry Hamlin. I am going to try something a bit different today and post a challenge. This may be a recurring feature so let's give it a shot. There are several superhero movies now and so many different interpretations that it is a veritable smorgasbord to choose from. My question, I pose to you the readers, is what would happen if a select group of specific power-types fought each other? There is so much to choose from; psychic, telepathic, telekinetic, flight, super-speed, durability, detection skills and my choice of the day powerhouses. That's right; I am going bold for this first feature and comparing some of the most powerful heroes of celluloid. I will go through the strengths and weaknesses of each and then speculate the outcome. Here are the contestants in random order; Superman, Silver Surfer, Doctor Manhattan and Hulk. Let the games begin.

Yeah this was an easy choice to start out with. He was an alien infant named Kal El, rocketed to Earth as the only survivor of his doomed home planet Krypton. Since Krypton orbited a red sun, the biological reaction to our yellow sun gave him a shopping list of powers. He was raised on a farm in rural Kansas with strong morals which molded him into the obvious choice of savior.... I mean hero. Here is what he is working with.
Powers Superhuman strength (capable of many feats including altering the orbit of a planet - Impressed Alpha), Super-speed just below the level of The
All you that know is at an end.

All you that know is at an end.
, sound barrier breaking speed flight, impervious skin, heightened senses of hearing sight and smell, photographic memory, super/frost breath and heat/x-ray vision. Each writer has taken liberties with these powers, including minor telepathy (he initially could only leap over tall buildings in a single bound as apposed to flight - Collector Craig.)
Weaknesses Magic, Kryptonite (radioactive chucks of Krypton, hence the name - Acedemic Alpha) and minor psychic/telepathic influence.
So you can see he has a lot going for him.

Silver Surfer
This guy doesn't just look cool, he is damn tough too. He started out an astronomer named Norrin Radd on the planet Zenn-La in love with a woman. He became aware of an evil force named Galactus who survived by consuming all life and energy from entire planets. Radd struck a deal with Galactus in which he would spare Zenn-La in exchange for Radd's service as a herald. He would seek out planets for Galactus to consume without causing mass murder to innocents (what a guy, eh? - Smart Ass Alpha.) Since there was no way for Radd to do this on his own, Glalactus granted him a small portion of the Power Cosmic which give him all of the powers listed below.
Powers Endowed with the Power Cosmic granting him superhuman strength, stamina, durability, energy absorption/direction/manipulation/creation, interstellar flight on his surfboard, self contained preservation negating the need to eat/breath/sleep and occasional time travel.
Weaknesses Minor telepathic influence,
That was not a request.

That was not a request.
temporary confinement to Earth's atmosphere and the ability to have his powers stripped away by Galactus or someone possessing a greater amount of the Power Cosmic (or can figure out how to manipulate it without destroying existence, thank you very much Dr. Doom - Cosmic Craig.)

Doctor Manhattan
Dr. John Osterman was a nuclear physicist with and penchant for watch repair. While working on an Intrinsic Field Subtractor, he became trapped inside and was atomized. He was somehow able to reform himself, but with the added powers.
Powers Sub-atomic particle/force control granting him transformation, teleportation, creating multiple copies of himself, the ability to survive unaided in space, awareness of his time-lime (unless those pesky chronoton particles interfere - Atomic Alpha.) The limits of his powers, if any, are unknown.
Weaknesses Few are known beyond mental/emotional manipulation (putting himself back together was the first trick he learned, if it didn't kill Osterman, why would it kill Doctor Manhattan? - Chronometric Craig.)

Incredible Hulk
So we got another scientist here. Doctor Bruce Banner was studying the effects of Gamma Radiation on the evolution of life-forms. He developed a Gamma-bomb and, on the day it was tested, was became exposed to it while saving the life of a teenager name Rick Jones who wandered onto the military base while completely stoned out of his mind (no it is never stated, but heavily implied, it was the 70s for Stan's sake - Addicted Alpha.) The exposure to so

much gamma radiation changed him in unpredictable ways, causing him to Hulk out.
Powers Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, regenerative healing factor and the ability to spend prolonged periods of time without breathing in space, all of which intensify along with the level of rage the more angry he becomes. His genius level IQ sometimes surfaced in the Hulk persona.
Weaknesses Fighting for extended amounts of time with an opponent of equal strength can result in fatigue and transformation back to the Bruce Banner persona as well as a calming/subduing effect from the Sentry's aura (which makes me wonder if Superman emits a similar aura seeing as how he was the basis for the Sentry - Concussive Craig.)

Now it is true that Superman and Hulk will have to heavily rely on strength against each other, I am not so sure it will be as effective against Doc Manhattan and Silver Surfer. They both can break the two powerhouses down at an atomic level, ripping them apart piece by piece. The two would battle it out in an energy vs. energy battle. Manhattan would have a slight advantage being able to see his own future, but would ultimately see his defeat. Surfer would put all of the Power Cosmic he has into the battle, but would eventually call on Galactus to feast upon the unique energy signature Manhattan gains his power from. The dust would clear and Sliver Surfer would be off to find another world for the big G to dine on. I hope the fight kept your interests. Thanks, as always, for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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