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Everything about the movie sucked except blank.
by The Alpha Craig

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Ooh, shiny.

Ooh, shiny.
He/she should have their own movies. That is a statement I have made, and it is a statement several people make all of the time when referring to movies. This usually gives way to what is commonly referred to as a "spin-off" movie. THE MUMMY RETURNS gave us THE SCORPION KING, DAREDEVIL gave us ELEKTRA and X-MEN gave us X-MEN ORIGINS: MAGNETO, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE which in turn will give us DEADPOOL and X-MEN ORIGINS: GAMBIT. The point is that one movie begat another. My column is going to pose a few ideas of spin-off movies and why.

Silver Surfer
I know there is a lot of talk about this in the wake of FANSTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER, but to my knowledge nothing definite has come of it. The plot is there, a
Your good, but me, I'm magic.

Your good, but me, I'm magic.
man named Norrin Radd gives up his individual freedom to serve a giant god Galactus that devours planets. They can show Radd pleading to Galactus to spare his home planet Zenn-La from destruction in exchange for his service as a herald to Galactus. Have him rebel and become banished to Earth only to break free and join his master once again. Further more, get Doug Jones to reprise the role and actually show Galactus this time instead of a silhouette and vague face features.

Most people are quick to how much they didn't like DAREDEVIL and consequently ELEKTRA, but not many can argue over the fact that Bullseyewas a fun character. He was evil, sadistic, a perfect killing weapon, had pin-point
The winning team.

The winning team.
accuracy and an Irish accent. That last one alone could be a selling point. It seems only natural to me that they give him a cameo movie what with Deadpool getting his own movie. There are a lot a similar character traits and the great part is that his origins are unknown so that frees up a lot of time explaining them.

Night Owl
This could be a great chance to have a super hero team movie with a male and female team. I know there have been attempts to add females into an already existing dynamic (Batman and Robin were fine without Batgirl thank you very much Mr. Schumacher - Annoyed Alpha.) The team I am talking about would be Night Owl and Silk Specter. Then end up together at the end of WATCHMEN in both book and film versions. It seems like
Back up off my do.

Back up off my do.
they would be the only two that could discretely carry on being super heroes in that universe, I say give them a shot.

Doc Sampson
He has a brief appearance in THE INCREDIBLE HULK as his normal self Dr. Leonard Samson, but this guy could hold his own in a spin-off. First you got genius level intellect, strength/stamina/durability that rivals The Hulk and top it all off with a PHD in psychology. They could play up to the Samson and Delilah mythos. The only issue is who could you get to be the villain? The answer is quite simple, The Leader. He was also briefly in THE INCREDIBLE HULK so it seems like a no-brainer.

I will keep this as another on-going feature and have many more ideas to share. Thanks as always for reading true believers, EXCLSIOR!

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