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"Darkseid played chess with Ambush Bug......."
by The Alpha Craig

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Here is the man .... uhh ... bug.

Here is the man .... uhh ... bug.
",Ambush Bug accidentally destroyed the universe with the Ultimate Clapper." Yeah I know that is a rather obscure reference, but Ambush Bug (AB) is one hell of an obscure character (in every sense of the word - Cracking-wise Craig.) Some of my favorite characters are the heroes/villains that have an odd sense of humor. Spiderman, Deadpool, Booster Gold, Boris the Bear, Tick, Groo, Michelangelo and Rafael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dead Shot, and Bart Allen/Kid Flash to name a few. AB is just one more to add to that list and I would love to see this guy up on the big screen ala MASK, but done much more accurate to the comic.

Let me give you a little history of AB. According to comic lore, AB's real life
No you can't join or Super Friends club.

No you can't join or Super Friends club.
name is supposedly Irwin Schwab, but since he is insane it is hard to tell if this a real identity or some kind of delusion brought on by his mental instability. Though there have been arguments, it has been commonly accepted that AB gained his powers from a bug suit from space. An alien named Brum-El (a clever reference to both Beau Brummel the arbiter of men's fashion in Regency England in the early 1800s and Superman's father Jor-El - Alliterative Alpha) of the supposedly doomed planet Schwab jettisoned his wardrobe in a rocket hoping it would survive and make its way to another planet. The rocket was intercepted by a giant radioactive space spider. It crash and the only articles of clothing to survive were the Ambush Bug suit
I wonder if hyper sonic sound frequencies would help?

I wonder if hyper sonic sound frequencies would help?
found by Irwin Schwab, and Argh!Yle!, an argyle sock with a metal mask and delusions of dark world domination. In his second limited series he found a doll he thought was alive and adopted it as his side-kick Cheeks, The Toy Wonder (an obvious reference to Robin right down to its own costume - Cool Craig.

AB started out as a villain with a pretty typical cheesy 80s bug gimmick. He was dressed in a green, skintight suit (with two orange antennae) that covered his whole body. Inside his hollow antennae he carried miniature robot bugs that possessed the ability to teleport him around. He had many run-ins with Superman and other heroes, but was never more than a mild annoyance so he chose instead to be a superhero as well. Eventually his suit
Only AB could sport that Hawiian shirt while fighting crime.

Only AB could sport that Hawiian shirt while fighting crime.
became permanently bonded to his body like the Venom Symbiot and he gained the power to teleport by himself (which was intended on being a parody of Spiderman - Ambush Alpha.)

Now my thought is this, really go for the gusto on this one. There is no need to hold back with the CGI and special effects. AB is supposed to be able to teleport and has fair fighting skills (he did take out the Legion of Substitute Heroes with a single attack - Cordial Craig.) He has the humor, the action, and a total lack of seriousness which most DC writers agree with me on. This is the guy who could hold his own movie, and if it tanks, nobody in the DC universe will suffer for it. This is jut my opinion and thanks once again for reading it true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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