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Fulci Lives On
by Brian Yandle

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The godfather of gore himself

The godfather of gore himself
Hey guys & ghouls! I've a real treat for you this time around. I'd originally planned to drop this column around Fulci's birthday as a tribute to an amazing director but there has been a slight change to my agenda. After recently acquiring a DVD of CAT IN THE BRAIN, I suddenly felt compelled to go ahead & let my cat out of the bag so to speak. No pun intended. While CAT IN THE BRAIN isn't a personal favorite of mine per se, I do respect & appreciate the artistry underneath all grue or nastiness which fans like myself always gravitate to. Having said that, it's sincere devotion to Fulci that draws back to him time and again or simply makes us want to sing his praises.

Perhaps more than any other film-maker living or dead, Fulci's reputation as being one of the most controversial directors ever is still valid & with good reason. None shall come so close as Lucio Fulci when we speak of directors who can make a visually stunning film that wreaks of brutal violence yet somehow fairs well commercially. Even now, his name still triggers thoughts of admiration & hatred in the hearts of cinema enthusiasts everywhere.

Not unlike modern
Easily one of my all-time fav films

Easily one of my all-time fav films
directors such as Takeshi Miike, Fulci was one of the rarest exceptions to the rule in the high department of genre bending & creating a diverse film-making resume. It was this versatility that Fulci possessed that aided greatly in making a name for himself which is widely known internationally. Thus, it must have been each fan's wet dream to grasp the idea that any director could be fully capable of crossing so many boundaries in a short time spans which undoubtedly included splatter gore horror, western, & even comedy. It's almost perverse & definitely unfair to even attempt categorization for someone as innovative as Fulci but people will never cease in their futile attempts.

It's hard to say which solitary piece of Fulci's work could be construed as a conceptual masterpiece but fans around the world still revere him as being the maestro of brilliant films due to his strong convictions & dedication to his craft. Lucio Fulci was most commonly associated with the films which the modern multiplex would more than likely reject be it midnight movie marathons, drive-in classics, or Grind house fare. Although genre enthusiasts & teenagers
First Fulci film I ever had the pleasure of viewing

First Fulci film I ever had the pleasure of viewing
throughout the late '70's or early '80's still remember his movies as if they were released last weekend, each of them has their own distinct favorite. Most, however, have agreed on two. Quite a few fans of course will cite THE BEYOND as being a surreal delight while others like myself fell in love with the international breakthrough entitled ZOMBIE. I love them all but am slightly impartial to ZOMBIE as this was the first film I saw in the late '80's thanks be to Wizard Video & those large black cardboard boxes in which videocassettes were encompassed.

Sadly, much of Fulci's archives were only released in heavily cut versions here in the states & some were even banned in Fulci's native Europe during the '70's or '80's. Thankfully, most of them can now be viewed the way Fulci intended in your very own living room as opposed to being marked as video nasties. Over the past 10 years, we've been truly blessed with the gift of digital entertainment as Anchor Bay & Blue Underground have re-released the majority of Fulci's catalog in it's uncut glory. This was just one major step in re-introducing Fulci to the masses but perhaps one of the
Hard to believe this but I actually saw this on cable TV Showtime

Hard to believe this but I actually saw this on cable TV Showtime
greatest feats was Quentin Tarantino's re-release of The Beyond in theaters during 1998. Tarantino, himself, loves Fulci's work as many great directors also cite this film as being a huge inspiration.

Fulci lives on! It amazes me but his popularity amongst youngsters is as strong today as it was back in the glory days of these triumphant works. There are numerous fan based websites out there one can access & much information which I never dreamed in my younger years would one day be readily available to the public. What strikes me as being even more special is this certain admiration which enthusiasts have for Fulci even though they aren't old enough to remember a single film of his playing in their hometown. Fulci may have passed our Earthly home in 1996 but he lives on in the hearts of those who continue to seek out his work & I'm pleased to see this longevity in terms of the maestro's magnificent catalog. I don't think even Fulci himself could've foreseen how influential his work would be when he made these beloved classics yet I can't help but believe there is a deficit that the Horror community couldn't possibly have ever paid back to this wonderful man.

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May 5, 2009 10:39 AM
[X] delete
He sounds fabulously creepy!

May 14, 2009 11:41 PM
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I concur.

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