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Who needs X-Men or Watchmen?
by The Alpha Craig

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In all their glory.

In all their glory.
We got WildC.A.T.S. Okay so this is one of the "scraping the bottom of the barrel" to come up with another superhero team movie concept to sate the veracious appetites of us fan-boys awaiting some form of finality regarding the potential Justice League movie. Yes Singer and Ratner gave us X-MEN and Snyder gave us WATCHMEN, but there was something missing from both of the franchises. If I were to put into two words, they would be source material. Yes I realize that is only so much you can do to reproduce these funny books we hold so close to our often lonely and sexless hearts (well not all of us qualify for sexless or lonely - Above Average Alpha).

The point is that you had, on one hand, a franchise that has been around since the seventies and has a huge following who expected to see a 5'3" Wolverine, an imposing Storm, Juggernaut referring to his step-brother Professor Xavier as "Chuck",and Colossus speaking with a Russian accent saying words like "Tovarisch". On the other hand you had a franchise created in 1986 that had a very in-depth and involved story, multi-faceted and intricate characters, subtle plot points and giant genetically engineered space squids (most of which were left out or changed beyond all comprehensibility for the movie - Continuity-minded Craig.) I propose that there is a lesser known team that deserves a movie (and no I am not referring to Sentinels of Justice or Authority, though both would be equally cool, I have already suggested that - Accurate
This is not Sparta, just the Spartan.

This is not Sparta, just the Spartan.
.) I am talking about a little team of Kherubim-bread heroes, The WildC.A.T.S. Let me give you the skinny on them:

In 1992, comic book artists Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino and Whilce Portacio started up their own publishing company called Image Comics after having disputes with Marvel over not having ownership and creative control over their work.. Jim Lee and writer Brandon Choi devised a way of cashing in on the success of the current X-Men line-up by creating their own team of "Gen-X" heroes. They came up with a team of characters descend from an alien race called the Kherubim. They were human in appearance (which made blending in and reproduction much easier - Caustic Craig), but immortal and had superhuman powers due to the alien genes. A group of the Kherubim were stranded on Earth during a battle with the century-long enemies the Daemonites (who looked nothing like humans, but could inhabit and possess humans as a disguise as they did with vice president Dan Quayel - Academic Alpha.) Once within the population, their rivalry was put on hold for many years. In the meantime the Kherubim acclimated to Earth adopting relationships and even having children ("Half-Breeds" - Consistent Craig) and families while the Daemonites infiltrated governments all over the world and slowly began to covertly take control of them.

This leads us to more modern times. Some of the "Half-Breeds" joined
I got your anti-hero right here bub.

I got your anti-hero right here bub.
together to form a Cover Actions Team (C.A.T.s) when the Daemonites were exposed. They have basically been fighting the good fight ever since them. Here is a roster for those of you out of the know.

This is you Superman-type character of the team. He is a highly engineered cyborg. Initially he had a sentient consciousness that could be downloaded from one body to the next when one was destroyed. He was meant to resemble Marvel's Cyclops in appearance and personality while having a power-set and level similar to that of Superman or Thor.

She is a thousand year old Coda warrior (which is basically the Kherubim equivalent of a Ninja - Info Condensing Craig.) Her personality, look and powers are a mish-mash over Storm, Wonder Woman and Elektra.

This is the teams Jean Grey/Emma Frost telepath. She actually has Daemonite heritage, but allied herself with the Kherubim because her stronger genetic tie to them.

This guy is Wolverine, Rorschach and Batman all rolled into one bad ass anti-hero. With minor telepathic powers, an enhanced healing factor, semi-superhuman strength and endurance and superhuman marksmanship he was the best of all three combined with an attitude to boot.

Can you say Hulk? Good, I knew that you could. Nobel-prize-winning scientist named Dr. Jeremy Stone discovered he could grow in size, strength, endurance and stamina at the exponential loss of intelligence proportionate to the use of
Bad enough to go up against the best of both worlds.

Bad enough to go up against the best of both worlds.
his powers. What that means is the more he Hulked out, for lack of a better term, the less intelligent he became. At his most powerful stage, he was reduced to a wild monster that operated purely on instinct and rage.

This was the team's covert assassin. Along with all of the inherent powers of a Kherubim (i.e. enhanced senses, enhanced physical attributes and near immortality - All of that and a bag of Chips Alpha) he could transform parts of his body into solid living metal weapons (Snickt much?) He would be the Deadpool/Bullseye of the team without the sarcasm.

She is hard to categorize. Her powers were teleportation, precognition energy manipulation and size/mass control. She provided transportation for the team via teleportation and tended to be the central hub for their in-battle communications.

Lord Emp
He was the teams leader, their strategist financial backer (under the name "Jacob Marlowe" believe it or not - Wise-cracking Craig) and all while standing at a height of above 4'3". He could be most accurately compared to Professor X, but with less optimism and much more bitter pessimism.

I could go on, but you get the point. I think there is real potential because the WildC.A.T.S have been out of the lime-light long enough to where fans would just be happy to see them on the big screen and casual fans would be tainted by how close the adaptation does or does not come to the source material. Plus it would just make for some really cool fan-boy eye candy. Thanks for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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