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Ten Times the Fun!
by The Alpha Craig

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From humble beginnings...

From humble beginnings...
Greetings superheroes, this weeks installment of my column is going to touch back upon a concept I had involving taking a pre-existing movie and making a comic book series out of it. This time I am taking an animated series that did, in fact, have its own movie (granted it was a made-for-TV movie, but a movie non-the-less - Consistent Craig.) I am referring to the animated series Ben Ten. It is actually a really cool concept that doesn't overly rape and pillage pre-existing superheroes. There are pretty obvious similarities, but that is to be expected in the genre. Let me start off by giving a brief history of the series/franchise.

Ben Ten
The whole thing started with a camping trip. Young Ben Tennyson, his cousin Gwen and were on a trip in their RV when Ben found a crashed alien pod. He looks inside to find what appears to be a
...he gets

...he gets
futuristic watch, only to realize a powerful device called an Omnitrix. Before Ben could figure out what it truly was, the Omnitrix permanently bonded to him. He found the Omnitrix had access to ten different alien life forms with different powers. The Omnitrix temporarily alters his DNA to take on the form and attribute of each respective alien store within the device (not at all like DC's Dial H for Hero - Smart Alec Alpha.) Ben, Gwen and their grandfather Max took the task of fighting crime, both human and alien as they drove cross-country in their Winnebago.

Ben Ten: Race Against Time
This story takes place after the end of the TV series. It is more or less an extended episode of the show with the added benefit of Lee Majors playing Grandpa Max. We are also treated a little background on the
...steps up and gets his learner's permit...

...steps up and gets his learner's permit...
Tennyson family. During the series we found out that the Omnitrix is a weapon designed by a group of alien guardians called The Plumbers (Meaning they unclogged the pipes and cleaned all of the crap out of the universe.) This movie gives insight into the connection between the Plumbers and the Tennyson family.

Ben Ten: Alien Force
This series takes place five years after the original. Ben is 15 years old and given up on wearing the Omnitrix, settling into a normal teenage life. He soon finds out that there is a new race of powerful aliens coming to conquer the Earth and his Grandpa Max has gone missing while trying to fight them. Ben assembles a group consisting of himself (with all new aliens/powers contained in the Omnitrix, Gwen who has developed the ability to create solid purple energy
... and ends up on your Wii.

... and ends up on your Wii.
contructs (similar to Star Sapphire of Green Lantern fame) and Kevin who was a former rival of Ben's and has the power to absorb energy and physical properties of item and transforming his skin into said items materials (muck like Absorbing Man of Marvel comics fame.

Now to me, this seems like there is a ton of stuff that can be done in comic book form. They could tell a history of the Plumbers, maybe giving them their own series (like the Green Lantern Corps series - Contemplating Craig.) They turn the series into something epic, like having one of the aliens in the Omnitrix turn evil and take control of Ben (like Paralax). All sorts of cool ideas come to mind, too many to list. I hope one of the major labels pulls their heads out and jumps on this soon. Thanks again for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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The Alpha Craig
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