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Until Watchmen are ready, give me the Sentinels.
by The Alpha Craig

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Now this is what I'm talking about.

Now this is what I'm talking about.
Now that there has been a lawsuit filed by 20th Century Fox to try to stop the impending release of the film adaptation of Alan Moore's Watchmen limited run comic book series, we may have to wait for a very long time to actually see an essentially finished movie. I have been looking forward to this for a very long time, I even got a hard back boxed edition of the graphic novel of it. I say that DC should throw the die-hard fans a little bone. Give us something to tide us over until we see The Minute Men hit the big screen. Give us The Sentinels of Justice. Allow me to explain.

The main characters in Watchmen are based off existing characters from the now defunct Charlton Comics. DC had purchased the rights to pretty much all of Charlton's line-up to save the characters from sinking into nothingness aboard the publisher's ship. When writer Alan Moore got wind of the new acquisitions, he wanted to write a 12 issue story involving them. He presented the idea to DC and they turned it down citing that his story would seriously alter, and even kill off, characters they just acquired and had long-term plans for. A friend of Moore suggested that he just make up his own characters based upon the ones he wanted to initially use and Watchman was born. In the meantime DC wanted closure for the Charlton characters
Any similarities? (beyond funky skin being almost naked)

Any similarities? (beyond funky skin being almost naked)
before bringing them aboard the great battleship alongside the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest, so they allowed AC (American Comics, the parent company to Charlton) to tie the major characters together into a team called The Sentinels of Justice and effectively wrap it all up for them.

The line-up of characters goes like this:
Captain Atom
The inspiration for Dr. Manhattan. Allen Adam received his powers in an explosion in space which atomized him. He was able to reform himself into an atomic-powered hero. ( Them more popular incarnation of Captain Atom was Nathanial Adams who was also involved in a space explosion which hurled him forward in time and coated his body in an invulnerable metal alloy and granted him powers similar to Allen Adams.)

Blue Beetle I/II
The inspiration for Night Owl I/II. Dan Garret was a rookie police officer who wore a bullet-proof suit and took strength-enhancing "vitamins"* and took up the name Blue Beetle (* later changed to a mystic scarab that granted his powers to steer clear of "vitamins" that could be construed as steroids.) Ted Kord was a former student and close friend of Dan Garret and was at his side when Garret confessed on his dying breath that he was the Blue Beetle. To carry on
Both have goggles and a cool flying ship.

Both have goggles and a cool flying ship.
the name as Blue Beetle II, Kord used gadgets and technology to fight crime as Garret was unable to pass on the mystical scarab on to Kord.

The Question
The inspiration for Rorschach. Vic Sage worked as an investigative journalist with a reputation for obnoxiousness. He became aware of an invention called "Pseudoderm" which was meant to cover wounds while they healed while appearing to be normal skin. It was discovered soon that it caused infections to the open wounds, but was to be distributed anyway. Sage wanted to stop that from happening, but knew he couldn't reveal himself or his sources by doing so. He created a mask with the Pseudoderm which hid his face and took up the name The Question. Once that was resolved he continued his life of vigilantism. (Ironically his character was inspired by The Spirit so when you see Roschach, you are seeing a character inspired by a character inspired by yet another character within the comic book world.)

The inspiration for The Silk Specter. Eve Eden was the daughter of Magda, a visitor from another dimension who had the ability to transform into living two-dimensional shadows; she passed these powers on to her son and daughter (although Silk Specter has no actual powers, the essence of the character is
Yes I realize he looks like No Face from Dick Tracy, so what?

Yes I realize he looks like No Face from Dick Tracy, so what?
what she is based off.)

Now that you now of the major players this is how I think it should go down. A live action movie is pretty much out of the question (no pun intended) because of the group's similarity to Watchmen so the alternative is to be animated. DC had a great series of Batman, Superman and Justice League cartoons. They went on to make feature length movies for Superman in Superman: Doomsday and Justice League in New Frontiers. I think they could make a Sentinels of Justice animated movie, continuing for the Justice League Unlimited animated series. I would love to have Jeffery Combs reprise his role of The Question as well as Robert Patrick as Captain Atom. Throw in possibly David Kaye (voice of Optimus Prime in the new Transformers Animated series) as Blue Beetle and Venus Terzo (voice of Blackarachnia in Transformers: Beat Wars) as Nightshade and I think you have a pretty sound cast. Make the tone and mood the story be a little on the dark side just so it gives us a little foreshadowing into The Watchmen and I think it just might let us all forget about the BS lawsuit situation. Thanks for reading true believes, EXCELSIOR!

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