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Only the Strong Survive
by The Alpha Craig

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Introducing your new action hero, Tom Strong!

Introducing your new action hero, Tom Strong!
What do you get when force Indiana Jones, Captain America and Batman to somehow miraculously conceive a child? Well besides the coolest thing ever, you might get Tom Strong. Tom Strong is the leading character in the comic book series of the same name. His series adds a bit of all genres: action, suspense, drama, adventure, sci-fi, horror and more. The bottom line is I feel there is a void to be filled by an up-and-coming action adventure character and Strong is the man for the job. Let's start off with who his competition/predecessors are.

Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones
Movie/Franchise: Indiana Jones
I hate to say it, but good old (and I use the term with the highest regard to Harrison Ford - Scruffy Looking Nerf-herder Alpha) Indy has seen his share of adventure and it is time to pass the torch.

Richard "Rick" O'Connell
Movie/Franchise: The Mummy
I am not quite sure I would hand it to Rick O'Connell/Brendan Frasier because, in spite of his apparent lack of aging throughout the Mummy saga, I just don't think he's cut out for
They say imitation is the highest form of flattery,

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery,

Benjamin Franklin Gates
Movie/Franchise: National Treasure
Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates pretty much says it all. The last time Cage had any kind of relevance or positive impact on a movie was somewhere between RAISING ARIZONA and LEAVING LAS VEGAS. I can't say anything positive about the guy so I will move on.

Now you may be asking, "Gee Alpha, what makes this Tom Strong Guy qualified to hang with the guys you mentioned?" My answer would simply be "shut up", but upon further thought I would deluge you with a plethora of facts pertaining to Strong and his origins which make him the perfect candidate for summer block bust action/adventure star.

Tom Strong spent his early life raised in an environment that simulated high-gravity, many times greater than typical Earth atmosphere. This was supplemented by an intensive education by his somewhat eccentric mad scientist father. They lived on the West Indian island of Attabar Teru (don't bother looking it up on a map or in an atlas, it is fictional - Fantasy-crushing Craig.) He trained his
so who's imitating who here?

so who's imitating who here?
mind and body to near physical and mental perfection aided only by a mystical root. Because of his training and regiment he appears to be in his early forties despite being born at the beginning of the 20th century (so much for being frozen in a block of ice - Wise-arse Alpha.)

Now that explain how tough and intelligent he is, but that is nothing compared to what this guy has been through. He has fought Nazis, Aztecs, a brutal futuristic race from an alternate Earth, his arch-nemesis Paul Saveen, fire-devils, salamanders, science-villain King Tilt, The mysterious Time-Keeper at the End of Time, aliens and the list goes on. My point is this guy has seen and done stuff that would make High Priest Imhotep, The Scorpion King and Emperor Han look like play-dates. Now my next question would be who would take on the daunting task of putting on the Strong pants and shoes?

My idea would be Michael O'Hearn If the name doesn't ring a bell, it wouldn't surprise me. He has been a regular on Days of Our Lives and American Gladiators, but if you are a true
Dark up top and gray on the sides is all he needs.

Dark up top and gray on the sides is all he needs.
comic book dork like me you will remember him from and independent/fan-made teaser/trailer for the movie Batman/Superman: World's Finest. O'Hearn played the part of Superman and bares an uncanny resemblance to Tom Strong so it would only seem fitting that he play him.

All things considered, I think this could be the next big action hero (as apposed to THE LAST ACTION HERO because after that debacle they all went on hiatus - Wise-cracking Craig.) What more could you ask for beyond big pouting lips, long hair in a whip-like braid, cleavage you could ski down and shelter a small child with and an outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination? My answer is actual substance that a true character likeTom Strong could provide (sorry Angelina, I'll forgive you for WANTED if you forgive me for this and slip into that Lara Croft costume one more time for me in private - less-than-appropriate Alpha.) I have exhausted the topic at this point. Until next time, thanks for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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The Alpha Craig
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