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The Money Pitt
by Jeff Winston

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I am sick and tired of peeps dissing Brad Pitt! I honestly can¡¯t think of any reason on earth, besides jealously, why someone would want to say BP is a chump, loser, or whatever.

Let¡¯s discuss this in a more civilized manor. Let¡¯s break down what Brad has offered the world and how he did it. Then we can get to the trash talk!

First, BP was raised a normal kid like the rest of us. He wasn¡¯t raised in a Hollywood setting by celebrity parents. At least BP didn¡¯t have his whole career planned for him like others like: Nic Cage, Kate Hudson, and Angelina Jolie (not to mention a zillion others!).
BP took high school drama and had a talent right away, even the people of Kickapoo, MO couldn¡¯t help but notice.

He went to University like most other normal people in the States and around the world. He took Journalism at University of Missouri and came insanely close to graduating. But get this! He dropped out with a couple of weeks to go and followed his heart of acting to Hollywood! With $300 in his pocket, he loaded up his piece of shit Datsun and drove out to Hollywood without one single contact or hookup. A crazy mixed up dream that many follow, including me, but his worked out for him, big

My Grandmother always told me when I was young: ALWAYS respect what others do that you can¡¯t do yourself. Have you ever tried acting? Have you ever been in front of a Hollywood camera? Well let me tell you my friend, I have, and it is not easy to fall into the ¡®deer in headlights¡± syndrome! It was then at my young age of 21years old that I learned to respect all Hollywood actors more than anything.

Brad became a legend of the screen right away in Hollywood, after doing some modeling and TV gigs. He quickly showed up on Director¡¯s radars and was in movies before most actors that didn¡¯t have parents in the industry. His on screen charisma blew audiences away, to say the least. Legends of the Fall, A River Runs Through It, and of course Thelma & Louise (his first feature film where he really got discovered). Thankfully the lack-of-talent William Baldwin turned the part down in Thelma & Louise and BP got it to catch the break that he needed.

Have I mentioned yet that Brad did not get discovered in LA right away and that he had to pay hard dues? Brad was a limo driver for strippers for a bit, a hair model, a delivery driver, and actually dressed up in a chicken suit once to attract
customers to a Mexican fast food joint!! Can any of us say we¡¯ve believed in our dream enough to go that far??

Okay, enough with the stats, lets get to the real reason I wrote this article. Brad has managed to capture most girls¡¯ hearts on earth, and even a few of us movie nuts have learned to admire his screen presence and his choice of characters. He was absolutely awesome as a serial killer in Kalifornia, a wicked dope head in True Romance, and stole Hollywood for good in Fight Club. After his role of Tyler Durden, he owned Hollywood and instantly became an A-list actor with his choice of roles forever. Still not convinced? Watch his Oscar nominated role in 12 Monkeys, where he played a loonie nut-job in an insane asylum. My personal favorite role of his was in the movie Snatch. He plays an Irish gypsy bare-knuckle boxing champ and steals the movie from other Hollywood big weights Benicio Del Toro, Jason Statham, and others.

Since taking over Hollywood years ago, he has become an avid spokesperson for countless charities, a good husband, a good father, and has traveled the world many times over. He has dated some of the world¡¯s hottest chicks, including Jennifer Aniston (whom he married),
Gwenyth Paltrow, Sheri-Lynn Fenn, and a gazillion others.

So, I must ask now after my essay explanation, why do people diss him? He makes zillions of dollars but lives and dresses like a commoner. He stars in the best movies and yet doesn¡¯t ever act like a superstar. He is the focus of every magazine on earth, but never once has craved the attention. He is married to Hollywood¡¯s hottest chick, but never mentions it to anyone. He is a great father of twins, a daughter, and has even adopted kids through his wife Angelina (I can¡¯t say I know anyone who has done that).

Well I must say in conclusion, I always get enraged when someone says BP is a chump or whatever. I always instantly ask for an explanation, but never hear one. Jealously or complete ignorance seems to be the only answer I ever get. So please people around the world, let¡¯s not disrespect something that we ourselves cannot do. Let us all just admire talent like we do when we watched Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, or the Mick. Hollywood is a complete gong show already and we don¡¯t need us common folks adding to the mix with our simple comments or uneducated opinions. I only hope I have managed to change just one mind. It all starts there¡¦.

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Jeff Winston
I am a part time writer and full time teacher. I am currently stationed in the middle of nowhere, northern Alberta, Canada. I love movies, and I love to vent, I am happy to have an outlet to incorporate both here on Matchflick.

If you have a comment, question, or suggestion, you can send a message to Jeff Winston by clicking here.

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