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Bring Twizzlers and Meet Me at the Majestic
by Denise DuVernay

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Pushface is a term from my grandmother. Its exact meaning is unknown.

"Pushface" is a term from my grandmother. Its exact meaning is unknown.
With so much going on and with the weather outside so delightful, it's hard to be cooped up inside watching television or movies, especially after spending all day in a cubicle. Plus, Milwaukee has been gorgeous this week: 80s, sunny, sweet breezes. There are festivals and outdoor cafes calling my name. Sure, there are a few things of note recently out or soon to come out on DVD, which I'll touch on later, but first, I'd like to share with you some of the films that I'm hoping to see in the theater (that is, if I can force myself to be inside long enough to watch them).

All right, so I think it's a stupid name for a movie. And I have been known to complain a time or two about Penelope Cruz's pushface. Additionally, it's true that I am either truly enamored by Woody Allen's films (HANNAH AND HER SISTERS, 1986; CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS, 1989; EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU, 1996; MATCH POINT, 2005) or deeply disappointed with them (DECONSTRUCTING HARRY, 1997; SCOOP, 2006), but I sense that this film follows the direction of his that I prefer: films that find their drama in the analysis of human emotion and
Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn
behavior without as much focus on drama from suspense or action. If you saw it this weekend, drop me a line and tell me if I'm right.

I loved the first film so much that every time I'm in Borders, I catch myself wanting to buy the first book. I don't because I could only justify it by having someone to give it to when I've finished, but still. I loved that movie. You don't have to be a teenager (or even female) to like this film, and the cast only rocks completely and totally and all night long! Regular readers of this column know about my Gilmore Girls fanhood, I've admired America Ferrera since REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES (2002), and wow, have I missed Amber Tamblyn since the days I got my weekly fix with her on Joan of Arcadia. I'd like to have a drink with her sometime.

What would summer be without stupid movies, I wonder? The theaters offer ample selections, three of which I plan to see:

I am usually not amused by marijuana or marijuana-based hijinks, not to mention the fact that my IQ is over 50, so I'm not generally turned on my
He's going to play Scotty!

He's going to play Scotty!
action movies, but I'm sure I will see PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, on a day when I'm in the right mood. I like Seth Rogen (albeit slightly less after his recent interview on Fresh Air), and I'm excited to see Nora Dunn again.

Even though Robin Meade hated it, I need to see it because I laugh hysterically whenever I see the preview on TV when they simultaneously admit they have boy crushes on John Stamos. And a great castóRichard Jenkins (from Six Feet Under) and Mary Steenburgen, from so many wonderful things, including the aforementioned Joan of Arcadia.

Admittedly, THE HOUSE BUNNY looks like the most ridiculous movie coming out this summeróone might even make the argument that it looks like the crappiest piece of crap covered crap of the decade so faróbut I have a soft spot for Anna Faris. She warmed my heart on Entourage, and her role in LOST IN TRANSLATION suggests that she may be the next Reese Witherspoon. Granted, it's not probable that she has an Oscar in her future, but, hey, maybe an American Comedy Award!

And to the business section of Du's
Her character in SMART PEOPLE is nothing like Juno, so she must be talented

Her character in SMART PEOPLE is nothing like Juno, so she must be talented

My thing is DVDs, and I have transgressed the rule this week by discussing films still in theaters, but I shall redeem myself by chatting about the hilarious British show Spaced. In the spirit of the current trend, an American version is in post-production (and I'm curious) but the two seasons of the original are available to place on your Netflix queue. Simon Pegg (who you might recognize from HOT FUZZ [2007] and GRINDHOUSE [2007]) stars as Tim, who pretends to be the partner of Daisy (Jessica Hynes, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, 2004) so they can rent a flat advertised for a "professional couple." A commenter on IMDb said in 2005 that we Americans don't know what we're missing . . . well, now I do, and so can you.

Last week, two DVDs worth mentioning dropped:


  • The Wire Season 5

And dropping on Tuesday


  • Dana Carvey: Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies

  • The Fletch Collection (FLETCH and FLETCH LIVES)

  • (Can two movies really be called a "collection"?)

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