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My Film Bucket List
by Monica Wilder

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Get your own

Get your own
My neighbor, in an effort to assist me with my column said he was going to rent THE BUCKET LIST for his mom and maybe we could write our own bucket list. I thought this was a good idea. So, I told him sure! I knew basically that the movie was about some guy dying and him wanting to make a list of all the things that he wanted to do before he "kicked the bucket". I told Bruce, my neighbor, that I already had a bucket list. That was one of the reasons we visited The Biltmore last year. I had seen pictures of the house and I wanted to go see it. It did have the claim of being the largest residence in the United States. While I was there, I also crossed off another item on my Bucket List; attend a wine tasting event.

Now, I know for some of you winos out there, wine tasting is a weekend event, but for me it was not. I don't drink, but I like to entertain and entertaining means wine. If you are under 30 this means a kegger. I did have a wine tasting party for my birthday the same year, except I didn't taste any of the wine. I had a sommelier do it for me. I kind of bailed on that one.

So I told my neighbor we both needed to write down our own bucket list.The thing was he wanted to write down a bucket list for me. Because he wants to get me on a roller coaster and I have no intention of riding one. It was either ride a roller coaster or go to Disney again for the fourth time. Bruce had been trying to get me on a ride for years and I finally gave in. We were in San Antonio in 1998 and we were staying at The Omni La Cantera Golf Resort which was right next door to Six Flaggs. We had some down time from the convention we were attending and decided to hop over to Six Flaggs. It was a slow day and there was hardly any foot traffic. So, I said what the heck. I would jump on a ride of Bruce's choosing. Less people; less people to see me make a total fool out of myself, so I told Bruce to look for me the perfect ride for me to experience. Bruce was so freaked out he nearly hyperventilated. Okay, let me stop right there. Did I mention that Bruce was a member of ACE: American Coaster Enthusiast? Their mission to ride every coaster there is. Seriously, ever coaster in the world. First on this continent then on any other continent that they can afford to visit. Maybe Bruce wasn't the perfect person to pick me out a ride but he was the only one available. Bruce decided that I needed to ride some The Flying Dutchman, some pirate ship crap. This was pre- PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, but the premise was the same. This giant ship swings back and forth and you sit in it. BLAH! BLAH! I looked at the ship, and Bruce, the ride operator and they both assured me that the ride just rocked back and forth. It did nothing more. Let's just say I got on the ride and once it stopped, the park had to shut the ride down for the day because my screams could be heard around the park and no one wanted to ride the ride after I got off it. Oh well. Then you shouldn't have lied to me. When I came back the next day I was told to specifically not to ride The Flying Dutchman! It feels swell to be wanted.

I suggested that we write a list of all the movie locations
If you blink you will miss me

If you blink you will miss me
that we wanted to go visit. Well, my suggestion was received with dead silence. Whatever, he probably couldn't remember five movie locations. So, here are some of the things on my bucket list.

One of the first things I wanted to accomplish was to be in a film. When I lived in Oklahoma, I thought this was a fairy tale. But once I came to Atlanta to live, I found being in films was something I could do a lot. Pretty soon, I found lots of work and I can be seen in several movies. (REMEMBER THE TITANS, THE WAR, THE CLIENT, AND MAMA'S FLORA FAMILY). Now, realize that you have to look fast and most of these were period films. I was a dream to the wardrobe department because I always had my own outfits. So, whenever they needed someone from the 60's, 70, 80's I always just pulled things out of my closet and I was always one of the first picked. I would just skip over wardrobe and go straight to hair and make-up.

Next on my list, was to become a published writer and have my work published in a major magazine. Well, although it probably didn't count, I did write the editor of Esquire magazine about Mike Tyson and it was published. My dad was more impressed with that snippet then he was when I got my first entertainment column! It wasn't much but just seeing my name city and state in Esquire helped me to write more and venture out into the wonderful world of movie reviewer. There was always the drive to write the great American novel. Let's say I have been working on getting that scratched off my list for the better part of my adult life. I get so excited when I sit down to write. Yeah, I'm old school and I still write with pen and paper. I get into that writing grove and then another great movie comes out in the theater and I just have to put down the writing pad and go to the movies. So my movie writing has stopped me from being the next best thing. Okay, that was an overstatement. Movies are stopping me from getting my books published. I have so many stories that have gone unfinished, I need time to finish them and get them to the publisher. Now, when they call, I just don't answer my phone. So what is a girl to do?

You don't have to write down your list to have a bucket list. Most of us just have things that we have to do! Amanda (columnist) said that she has to go see X FILES when it comes out. I was disappointed with the first one so I will wait to see this one. Look at the hundreds of people that went to see the DARK KNIGHT. I'm so mad at Heath Ledgar for dying that I don't want to have anything to do with the film. So here is my bucket list for all the movies that I want to see this summer.

INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL: I needed to be on Cristal to get through this movie. I was so excited to see this movie that I was on pins and needles. I took a day of vacation to see this movie. Let me tell you I was very disappointed. I didn't even review this movie because I didn't want my disappointment to stop other from going to see the film. But, really people. The best part of this movie was the picture of Indy's hat in one of the opening scenes. Indy's famous Fedora is shadowed on one of the car and the
See the cable series

See the cable series
music swells and I held my breath and there he was. Harrison Ford is all his glory strolling unto the screen. He's the closest thing this generation has to John Wayne. Harrison has the swagger, the rugged good looks and it still holding unto his fighting weight. Shia LeBeouf is really the one that runs away with this film. That is how it should be. We all know that Shia is going to inherit this series. DUH! I think they should have consulted more on his hair and wardrobe, but that's just me. More on Shia LeBeouf later. This kid is really going places. He is on my bucket list twice. That takes a lot if you're not Italian or not toting a gun.
THE HAPPENING: It didn't happen for me. Here is another movie that I wanted to see so badly (took another vacation day to see) and again I was disappointed. I love M. Night. Matter of fact, this article was going to be about him but I shelved it. I just couldn't find enough adjectives to talk about this waste of a movie. I love Mark Wahlburg so I had to go see this movie. I listened to the hype and the R rating and was snookered into dropping down my drachmas to see this film. Big mistake! I could have waited to see it at the dollar movie or when it hit DVD. But, when you are starved for good entertainment, well you jump at anything on film.
THE INCREDIBLE HULK: Anything with Ed Norton in it is incredible.
GET SMART: I need to get a babysitter. I stand on bated breath to see this movie.
WANTED: I want a body like Angelina. This movie was right up there next to the Matrix in special effects. I almost hyper-ventilated when I was in the theater watching this movie. The special effects, the car chases, the curving bullet were enough to get me into the seat, but the cast is what kept me there. Like I always say, Morgan Freeman is the man!
HANCOCK: I really liked this movie. It had a good twist on the typical hero/comic action figure. You have Hancock that is this unwilling superhero. All he knows about himself is that he woke up in a hospital and he had these superpowers. How cool is that? But then you start to think, "What made Hancock so jaded?" Well, you have to see the movie to answer that. Big Willie strikes again. I was surprise to see both Justin Bateman and Charlize Theron in this movie. This is a movie that definitely works. I don't care if the critics said it was a train wreck. Wait until it goes on video, and the sales will hit the roof.
HELLBOY II: Thank you Ron Perlman. What can I say? I saw HELLBOY one day when it came on cable. It was late at night and there was nothing on TV. So I checked it out. When you are not a comic book guru like The Alpha Craig, you see these characters and you wonder where they came from. I found out that it was very interesting and it kept my interest. Sometimes, that all you want in a movie is to keep your interest.
THE DARK KNIGHT: A man in Ohio got arrested for leaving his 2 year old in the car while he watched this movie. The cops stopped the show and arrested him. The audience booed and threw popcorn at him. Come on people. I don't go to the movies unless I have a babysitter. So, some movies I have to sit out and wait weeks to see. It makes
An Oscar?

An Oscar?
it tough when you write about movies on a weekly basis. I say put this guy under the jail! Yeah, I bet it was a dark night that he spent in the pokey! Like I said before, I am boycotting this movie because of Heath. I know this sounds awful, but an Oscar nod. Well, I will have to go to see the movie because if they didn't give him one for BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN then don't give him one just because the dude is dead! Just like they gave Whoopi the Oscar for GHOST when we all know she should have one it for THE COLOR PURPLE!
THE X-FILES: I want to believe this movie is going to be better then the first. But unlike Amanda I am not interested in this movie at all. Yeah, I have the framed TV guides of Skully and Mulder but that still will not get me to see this movie. I'll wait for NETFLICKS.
THE MUMMY: The original MUMMY was a remake of MCKENNA'S GOLD. For those of you that were born before 1980, I dare you to look that one up. I am so hooked on this series. Brandon Frasier makes a great action hero. Then you add Jet Li into the mix, and you already have me lined up to go see it. Plus the trailer was so sweet on this. This was one of the greatest trailers that I have ever seen in a long while. They spliced the trailer to THE MUMMY and footage of athletes going to the Beijing Olympics together and WOW it was just pure magic. THE MUMMY starts a week before the Olympics and they are both take place in China. Sure, about a thousand years apart, but as the trailers informs us. Nothing really has changed.
TROPICIAL THUNDER: The thunder rolls. Jack Black, Downey Jr, Ben Stiller this is a wet dream come true. An action star gets kidnapped and thrown into a real war and doesn't know it. So, his co-stars have to band together to rescue him. Plus, Robert Downey Jr as a black man oh boy! I can't wait to see that. Robert needs to slow down or he is going to go off the wagon again. I love you man but are you trying to be the hardest working man in Hollywood or what? Every time I turn around he's in a new movie. This is a good thing. No matter what he does in his personal life this dude can act his butt off. And it's a nice butt!
BABLYON A.D.: Vin Diesel + high power guns= that's just my baby's daddy.
EAGLE EYE: Shia LeBeouf and Michelle Monaghan are being watched by some strange women from a satellite and told what to do. The FBI has mistaken him for a terrorist. By the looks of him in one of the scene, he kind of does look suspect. Rosario Dawson is also in this movie. Do you guys think she's cute?
SPACE CHIMPS: space chumps

So there is my bucket list for this summer. You get your list together and share them with your friends.

15 movie = $120, popcorn and a drink= $150, babysitter= $210. The joy of seeing all of the movies on my bucket list: PRICELESS

I dare you to start your list. The movies out there are great and if you are a comic freak like Alpha Craig, then I am sure you are having about ten orgasms with all the things Marvel has in store in the months to come. So get off your butt and go see a movie. You can even start with the ones on my list.

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Monica Wilder
Monica is a freelance writer and playwright living in Atlanta.She is raising her daughter to appreciate life and movies. She is currently working on a book.

If you have a comment, question, or suggestion, you can send a message to Monica Wilder by clicking here.

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