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Coming Attractions for Tuesday, June 24
by Denise DuVernay

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Instead of a chihuahua, I howl with my tabby.

Instead of a chihuahua, I howl with my tabby.
Do you watch The Soup? If you do, you know that the week's television highlights are presented by Joel McHale, who "watches it all so you don't have to." It's quite a service really, because I certainly don't have time to watch all that TV. And I'm certainly not going to sit thru Tyra to watch her make an ass of herself when The Soup will show me the most painful Tyra moments from the week, and, as a bonus, some adorable dancing kids on Yo Gabba Gabba.

Well, this week, think of me not as Du, the chick who tells you who her celebrity crush is this month, but rather, a sort of Joel McHale, except my service is surfing thru Amazon's offerings of the DVDs dropping on Tuesday so you don't have to. For me, PERSEPOLIS is the highlight, but after that, well, the pickins are slim, forcing me to dive deep to discover some gems. I found some classics to be released on DVD, either for the first time or released in some fancy way, and lots of quirky cult horror and erotica that we are all sure to enjoy.

Some quick mentions:

The all-new feature length adventure: FUTURAMA: THE BEAST WITH A BILLION BACKS (2008)
Thanks to Comedy Central, I'm in the mood.

IN BRUGES (2008)
So this is where Colin Farrell's been. Belgium. Wonder if he found his career there, too.

10,000 B.C. (2008)
This film has more anachronisms in it than THE WEDDING SINGER. Spoiler alert: The sabretooth tiger and mastodon become extinct.

It's dropping on Tuesday, but I can only pray that the concert was filmed in 1988.

What a cast!

And now, a little deeper . . .

XANADU, originally released in 1980, returns with a MAGICAL MUSICAL EDITION on Tuesday. Oh, Gene Kelly, what was your manager thinking?

Instead of a chihuahua, I howl with my tabby.
I have never seen this film, but I have heard fabulous things. First off, it has Barbara Stanwych, whose voice alone makes anything worth watching. It's 1870s New Mexico Territory and Stanwych plays the daughter of a rancher called T.C. (Walter Huston in his final role). Although my perspective of Westerns is a little skewed from watching too much Deadwood, I've heard that it's got everything a Western should have and more: daddy/daughter drama laced with just a hint of incest and the frontier filmed so beautifully that it received an Oscar nod for cinematography.

This Tuesday's release is said to have all sorts of extras including an interview with Huston and a new printing of Niven Busch's novel on which the film was based.

Another I haven't seen, but understandably so as this is a BBC production (starring Rafe Spall and Rebecca Hall). But I have read the book by Jean Rhys, so I have the authority to chat a little bit. It's the story of Rochester's voyage to the Caribbean to score some cash, when he meets the woman who becomes the madwoman in the attic in my absolute favorite book of all time, Jane Eyre. This adaptation earned glowing reviews for its acting and the sensual suspense it captured.

Whoo Hoo! Direct to DVD!
I'm sure I'm showing my naivete here, but I can't tell if this is porn or not. I mean, IBDb labels it Horror but the title and the names of the actors suggest otherwise. (Misty Mundae? Zoe Moonshine? Ruby LaRocca?) And the synopsis offers such great key words and phrases, such as: luscious blonde, doe-eyed American beauty, sexual predator, tragic tale, and orgasm.

I'm not usually into lycanthropic tales, but after reading these reviews, I'm strangely intrigued.

Christina Lindberg-- Grindhouse hottie and mushroom enthusiast

Christina Lindberg-- Grindhouse hottie and mushroom enthusiast
Lindberg plays Inga, a 16-year-old country girl who visits her sister Greta in Stockholm. In the big city, she reaches her sexual coming of age. Reviewers call it sweet, erotic, and even a little shocking. If it's only half as gripping as the films put out by the Swedish Institute for Sexual Research that I was required to watch in my Psych of Human Sexuality class, I am so in.

From directors Gualtiero Jacopetti, Paolo Cavara, and Franco Prosperi, this Italian documentary sounds fascinating, intrusive and disturbing as the filmmakers travel the world to record the myriad cultural roles of women, cultures that probably seemed chimerical at the time the film was made.

I'm curious to see this even though I've read there's some tough stuff to watch: childbirth, death, plastic surgery and a whole lot of subservience.

Another direct-to-DVD film that sounds grody and possibly reliant on some tired stereotypes, but it seems an appealing film to the blood-bath set. Newcomer Roger A. Scheck is a product of the North Carolina School for the Arts and has the support of Micro-Shock Cinema, and I'm all about the creation of subversive arts close enough to Strom Thurmond's crypt to give his decaying innards the willies.

NOBODY LOVES ALICE is the story of a girl raised in foster homes who just wants to be loved (don't we all?). When Alice's coworker Abigail asks Alice to help her test her fiance's trustworthiness (jealous & suspicious, but aren't we all?) I'm not clear on the details, but it sounds like Alice takes the boyfriend away from Abigail perhaps actually kidnapping him and pulling a BOXING HELENA.

Oh, well, we've all done some things we're not proud of.

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