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by Aidan Abhorrent

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So, I've noticed that lately my column hasn't really been sticking to its implied subject matter. I've drifted a bit from gay and gay themed columns, which when I was approached to write this column was kind of the whole point.

But, really, there's only so many gay-themed columns I can write without repeating myself every other column or posting thousands of Top-5 or Top-10 lists, or worse, doing something that's already been done somewhere else (nothing quite like inadvertent plagiarism).

Maybe it's that I'm not as hopelessly dedicated to movies as some of the other writers on this site (although, thanks to writing for this site, I've gotten a bit more involved in the movie experience). Maybe it's that I'm not as talented as some of the other writers on this site (really, I cower in appreciation of Awesome Zara, whose work I've been reading for the better part of two or three years now).

Or, maybe it could be that, when I was approached to write this column I truly believed that I was a lesbian, but now I know that I'm not.

I've never been a big fan of bisexuality. Bisexual girls get a bad reputation for being flitty and slutty girls who only "hook up" with girls to impress the boys. I know I shouldn't buy into the stereotype, but growing up I saw so much of it that I decided I never wanted to be lumped in that category of "women." I prefer the term pansexual, but I get so sick and tired of explaining to people what that means and why I choose to use that term rather than the much simpler "bi," which is what I am. I'm finally accepting that.

Because of the stereotype I just described, bisexuality doesn't get represented very well in the GLBTQ community. Often times, people completely forget or dismiss the "B" in GLBTQ. Somehow, we're "less gay" because we can "blend in" with heterosexual society. People tend to focus on the "1/2 straight" more than the "1/2 gay" aspect.

But, we get the same crap when we date someone of the same sex (and we DO date people of the same sex... we don't just say we do) as "full gay" people. Bisexuality is real and we are a part of the GLBTQ community. We deserve to be recognized as well.

So, I wanted to do a quick Top-10 list of bisexual films/characters. The thing is, I haven't seen or even heard of very many films that really center around bisexuality or have a leading character who is bisexual. So, I did a key-word search on IMDB for "bisexual" and one of the first that came up was the obvious CHASING AMY, which centers around two comic book artists who meet another (lesbian) comic book artist. One of the guys falls in love with her and they begin a relationship.

But, there were movies which contained bisexuality that really kind of surprised me. Movies that, while I didn't really express interest in seeing before, now I'm a little curious to see how they tied bisexuality into the movie. Is it just thrown in there to make the movie seem "gay-friendly?" Or does it actually have some relevance to the plot?

There weren't a lot of movies, but here are a pair that piqued my interest enough that I'll have to pick up sometime soon:


I'll admit, when I first saw the advertisements for this movie, I wasn't impressed. Maybe I've just grown up too much, but I used to love Adam Sandler. Now, however, I cringe at his middle school humor. I didn't have any real desire to see this movie and to be perfectly honest, I still don't. But, I'm curious to see how bisexuality comes into play in this.


SciFi never was my genre and this movie came out before I got into watching anything other than Disney movies. I'm really interested to see how they tied bisexuality into this movie. Plus, my boy will probably be happy I'm embracing my inner nerd.

I also saw a documentary that I really want to see (because I'm a pseudo-intellectual that way), although it doesn't surprise me that it involves bisexuality. It's called BI THE WAY and it documents, of course, bisexuality in America. Hopefully it can shed a new, less whorish light on bisexuality.


[Note: I know that the key-word search on IMDB isn't always spot-on accurate. But, it doesn't change the fact that it made me interested in seeing these movies.]

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Talking about movies from a queer girl's point of view, possibly with psychological, sociological and political undertones.

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Aidan Abhorrent
Aiden is a queer punk rocker feminist with a loud mouth and too much to say. Studying psychology and sociology makes her think she knows everything about everybody, which she very well might.

If you have a comment, question, or suggestion, you can send a message to Aidan Abhorrent by clicking here.

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