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Madman the Movie: Another Mask disaster?
by The Alpha Craig

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Not Freakazoid, I'm Madman!

Not Freakazoid, I'm Madman!
"I really like the idea of Chow Yun Fat as Madman."

That was a line jokingly delivered by Madman creator, writer and artist Mike Allred in the Kevin Smith movie CHASING AMY. Allred did the artwork for the Bluntman and Chronic comic book panels and drawings in the movie so Kevin Smith had him make a brief unscripted cameo in the movie. The line is unintentionally prophetic now that there has been a scheduled release date of 2009 for a Madman movie. It will be written by George Huang and Mike Allred with the two of them directing the film along with Robert Rodriguez. Since nobody asked me what I thought, I am going to tell everybody anyway because I am under some silly impression that my opinion matters (and I mean that in the most cheerful way possible he he he.......sigh.)

To really understand the character (which is hard even for me at times and I am a huge Madman fan) you need to know of his origin. Here is an abbreviated version. A hit man named Frank was killed in a car accident. A couple of mad scientists, Dr. Egon Boiffard and Dr. Gillespie Flem sewed Frank back together and brought him back to life. Frank's resurrection granted him supernatural reflexes and a slight degree of precognitive and empathic power. Having no memory of anything about his former life, with the exception of faint troubling memories relating to his death, the doctors
Both dark and brooding.

Both dark and brooding.
gave him the name Frank Einstein as a tribute to Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein as well as being an obvious a pun on Frankenstein (say it with me "Fire bad!!!!!!") He is also aided in his journeys by his steady girlfriend/secretary by the name of Josephine Lombard (a.k.a Joe), Mott an alien from the planet Hoople, Dr. Gale an invisible female scientist who became invisible while attempting to remove alien tattoos, robotic humanoids Astroman and Machina and finally two artificial intelligences from the future Marie and Warren. He later became a member of the team The Atomics along with It Girl, Mr. Gum, Zap Man, Lava Lass, The Slug, Metal Man, Black Crystal, and The Lazer.

There has been no rumored cast for this movie although creator Mike Allred was quoted at Wondercon as saying his dream cast would include Natalie Portman as Frank Einstein's incredibly patient girlfriend Jo, Steve Buscemi as Jake, Gene Wilder and Robin Williams as Madman's creators, Dr. Flem and Dr. Boiffard (respectively). That got me thinking of who could be right for these prestigious, if not obscure roles.

I am thinking somebody who could be both haunting and humorous at the same time. Jim Carry springs to mind after NUMBER 23, but it might end up like The Mask which I
Just give him a collar.

Just give him a collar.
think should be avoided worse than a copy of Incredible Hulk #181 with the coupon already clipped. Upon further thought I feel Cillian Murphy would be a great choice. He has that spooky quality to him as evident in 28 DAYS LATER, RED EYE and BATMAN BEGINS. He also has that tall skinny build with a vacant look in his eye that would fit the part.

Josephine Lombard (a.k.a Joe)
She would have to be strong yet sexy and a little funny too. I know that sounds like an unrealistic combo, but hey this is a comic book movie adaptation after. She would also have to be a redhead, a real one. We'll have none of that Sarah Michelle Prinze (which is what she is calling herself these days) and Kirsten Dunst faux-redhead stuff. I am thinking Laura Prepon if she would let her hair go red again. Her character Donna Pinciotti from That 70s Show is what I imagine Jo being like.

Dr. Gillespie Flem
He would have to have a stark seriousness to him only few would be able to pull whilst wearing a neck brace that attaches his severed head to his neck and prevents it from rolling on the floor (it's a long story, Madman cut his head off to save it from his disintegrating body as a result of a failed experiment. Wow look at that, it wasn't such a long story after all.) The guy who I think could fill that collar would be Hugo Weaving. Let the man be seen and heard (as apposed to just
A real redhead.

A real redhead.
being heard with a heavily distorted and deepened voice as Megatron in TRANSFORMERS.) It wouldn't be a stretch far from Agent Smith from THE MATRIX as far as bland emotionless personalities go.

Dr. Egon Boiffard
Granted that guy would have minimal screen time which would be flashback segments. You see he started taking an experimental brain expanding drug which increased in his intelligence exponentially, but let him disfigured and he perished from it. For his role I would chose Jeffery Combs. He has mad scientist written all over him, if you ask me.

The two other major roles I can think of Mott and Dr. Gale could be played by just about anyone. Dr. Gale is an invisible woman covered in bandages much like Claude Rains in THE INVISIBLE MAN and Mott would probably be best done (Gog forgive me) in CGI or maybe just throw Kevin Smith a cameo bone and put him in a silly costume as Mott.

It will be interesting to see how they play it out. I would hope for a cerebral and dark story with some bright humor. There is something so transcendental and metaphysical about the Madman series with just enough silly light-hearted comedy to keep it from being some Emo's "I hate myself and the world around me" bible. I am crossing my finger on this one. Thanks for reading true believers, EXCELSIOR!

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