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Oh, Godard...When Does Cleo Look For a House?
by Christa Cannon

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I'll need to do this to get me in the mood for some Godard...

I'll need to do this to get me in the mood for some Godard...
I consider myself an intellectual person, the type that rarely sees a "typical" American movie at the theatre. Then why, oh why have I had CLEO FROM 5 TO 7 sitting in my living room for the past three weeks? And why did I move THE HOLIDAY up in my queue, and only wait two days before popping it into the DVD player? Granted, it had been in my queue for over a year, but still...

Why do some movies get priority over others? Why do some keep getting pushed further and further down the queue? I find it's the same for my Tivo!

It's not that I don't want to watch these movies--they're in my queue for a reason. I guess it's just that I'm not "in the mood" to watch them.

Foreign flicks are the hardest for me to dedicate time to. I love them, but I have to set aside a good 2-3 hours (or 6, if it's THE BEST OF YOUTH!) to just watch a movie. As I'm a multi-tasker, this is hard for me to do. I have to
Wouldn't you rather watch Gil's cheeky looks?

Wouldn't you rather watch Gil's cheeky looks?
focus entirely on the movie--not catch up with my magazines, read a bit from my current books, check and answer email, feed/water/play with the dog or cats...nothing. If I look away at an inopportune moment, I could miss something that's detrimental to the plot. I realize I could rewind or pause the movie...but that just adds more time, and I've got things to do, man!!! (Yes, I am that lazy.)

I TiVo'd Ken Burns's latest installment "The War" a few months ago. I'm fascinated by history, and I love Burns's documentaries. But somehow there's always something else that's just a little more intriguing. So I have several hours worth of WWII to watch, yet I find myself vegging out to shows on TLC or HGTV. I'm not buying a home anytime soon, so why am I so engrossed in watching someone else search for one?!

I don't watch things to shut off my brain...it's always going, even while watching HGTV. But sometimes
Movin' on uuu-uuup!

"Movin' on uuu-uuup!"
I guess it's nice to just focus on happy-happy-joy-joys. Right? It's like chicken soup and your blankie...it just feels good! I suppose it doesn't have to be a happy movie, just one you love completely and can watch over and over again.

For me, that means movies like ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, or a good Disney animated feature. Something I don't have to question or try to figure out...something I can laugh and giggle and sigh about...

As much as I force everyone to watch movies that make you think, I guess your brain needs that time-out that only a movie like THE GOONIES, BETTER OFF DEAD, or THE WEDDING SINGER can give you. Or anything where people burst into spontaneous song and dance. Because...c'mon, don't we all love a good musical?!

*sigh* I guess I should move ENCHANTED up the queue. I'll keep all the depressing ones where they are.

Until then , it's time for some Godard.

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Christa Cannon
Christa would prefer to live in a world where everyone breaks out into song and dance. Um, and also one in which she is rich and very famous.

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