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So Irresistible: Rolling with Actor Jason Seitz
by AwesomeZara

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Actor Jason Seitz

Actor Jason Seitz
A few months back, I received an e-mail over at my MySpace profile page, asking me if I could do someone a favor. That someone was a young actor named Jason Seitz. His profile default picture was that of a bright eyed young man with a magnetic smile. How could I turn down his polite request that I expand on his MatchFlick resume?

Over the course of that afternoon, as I added in everything from his short film, WHY IT'S A GOOD THING to other films Jason had starred in, including Gus Van Sant's ELEPHANT, I learned that Jason wasn't just a pretty face. Completing high school in only three years, he went on to study acting in Seattle, Washington, gaining the attention of the reclusive and picky Van Sant.

Since then, it has been a long hard road in my travels to nail Jason down, as his career keeps moving faster than a freight train in the independent circuit. With roles in movies like ROLLING, EMILIO, and CLUTCH, it appears that 2008 could very well become the launching pad to the Jason's mainstream fame.

Jason is affable, hard-working and diligent, making sure that even when he was busy with a new project, he always checked in and updated me on his status. With a work ethic like his, I can't imagine that there wouldn't be gold at the end of his travels.

Read on to meet Jason Seitz and discover the glimmering talent that I have.

AwesomeZara: I like to start things off on the right foot. So it might not be a good idea that I mention I've yet to watch anything that you're in. Yet I just did. Care to explain a little of the basics about yourself? Think of it like a Playboy Bunny interview. Give us the stats.

Jason Seitz: I'm 5'8, 135 pounds, slender and sexy, boy next door, brown hair, hazel eyes, looking for love and romance in all the wrong places. *Laughing*

Zara: From what I've read about you, you come off like a very "glass half full" kinda guy. Let's see if we can draw out some of the converse in you. What's been the biggest disappointment that you've suffered in your acting pursuits so far?

Jason: You're funny. But I definitely know the answer. Agents. I know so many people, so many agents but for whatever reason I haven't found one that's right for me. It's driving me a little crazy because I've been doing all this work myself and I need to hire someone.

Don't get me wrong, there are agents out there who'd sign me in a second but chances are I'm not interested in them because they wouldn't be capable of getting me to the 'next level'. With respect to the work I've got under my belt so far, I need to be selective. You feel me?

It's tricky because I believe agent rejection is a hidden secret
Lookin' pimped out in the flick ROLLING

Lookin' pimped out in the flick ROLLING
supporting the fact they weren't the right agent for you at this time. Doesn't mean they wouldn't be right later, but not right now. When you get so much rejection it's hard to keep the glass half full.

Zara: I am a huge supporter of independent film making. I'd like to believe that you get better performances from people when they're hungrier and not getting million dollar paychecks. Although I bet you wouldn't mind one of those. Is there anything that you would consider compromising to your beliefs should you "make it big"?

Jason: Compromise, no. Accommodate, yes. Something I do not look forward to is photographers following me around. I understand they've got to do their job and being seen by them is part of my job as well. But hopefully I will still be able to have my privacy because when it goes beyond walking around when I'm in public, it's not right.

Zara: I should be ashamed of myself for not having watched ELEPHANT yet. Cowering in a corner, muttering like an imbecile over my lack of film superiority. I mean, Gus Van Sant!!! The man is a legend. Was it intimidating to be under the helm of someone that is so highly regarded?

Jason: As much as I was aware of who Gus is, I was not intimidated by him. He had a very youthful presence. I was just excited to be chosen to work with him. He was so calm, cool, and collected. Always interested in ideas, opinions and trying something new.

Zara: One of the more typical questions asked in interviews is which directors and/or actors/actresses the interviewee would like to work with. But much like there's a "Most Hated People in Film" section on the MatchFlick profiles, I'd like to ask who in the industry you feel is overrated.

Jason: Paris Hilton. Underrated? I'd say, Scott Bakula.

Zara: There are a ton of movies getting made from previously produced material. From books to graphic novels to previously made movies. Is there a character that America is familiar with that you feel you were "born" to play?

Jason: I've been looking at the message I'm trying to communicate but the answer often changes depending on what story I'm telling. I do have a connection to the Neil character in Mysterious Skin directed by Gregg Araki. He is also on my list of directors to work with.

People are getting tired of all these remakes. I think Hollywood is running out of ideas and it's becoming harder and harder to be involved in unique films that haven't been done before. But there's always going to be a new project
With those eyes, could you really say no to whatever he asked?

With those eyes, could you really say no to whatever he asked?
that somebody gets their hands on.

Zara: Maybe it's just me, but every year that I watch the Oscars, I start to construct my winner's speech in my head. Give me the rundown on who would make the top of your "Thank You" list.

Jason: If my work ever received an Oscar, some of the people I'd thank would be Colleen Bell, Gary Ambrosia, my best friend and huge support, Aviva. My Mom, who goes out of her way each and every day to make sure I have a mother who is there for me. The Academy just for nominating me, and God who gives me strength to accomplish my dreams, as well as the capability to grow with every card I am dealt. I'd also lift the Oscar up to my Dad in Heaven (Larry Seitz) because according to him, he never felt like he accomplished much. But he was so wrong. He created me. So as a token of how proud I am of him, the Oscar would be something we'd share.

Zara: In a perfect world, no one would be judgmental. But this isn't a perfect world and most of the people I know determine others' level of intrigue and intelligence on which movies they love the best. So tell me... which movies do you think are masterpieces?

Jason: Mysterious Skin, The Goonies, Weekend at Bernie's, D.A.R.Y.L., Indian Jones', Short Circuit, The Never Ending Story, Return to Oz, Illusion, A Bronx Tale, Pure Luck, and so many more.

Zara: More and more people are becoming famous via being featured on reality shows. Granting that you would be willing to star in one, which do you feel would best represent your skills not just as an actor but in general?

Jason: I'm not very interested in a reality show but if I had to choose the one that was right for me, it would be Survivor. Physical challenges can be tough.

Zara: Pick one. (You may explain yourself if you want.)

* People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" OR Time Magazine's "Man of the Year"

Man of the Year

* Role as a new hero on "Heroes" OR a newly discovered crash landee on "Lost"

A New Hero on "Heroes"

* Angst-ridden inspiration for an Alanis Morissette song OR a love-drenched Jessica Simpson melody

Alanis Morissette

* Lead role in the new Uwe Boll flick OR behind-the-scenes production assistant job for Martin Scorsese

Hmm. I'd take the PA job for Martin. There's so much I could learn from him. Hey, how come I can't have both? *wink*

* Kissing
Hard or soft, Jason's one irresistible package, wouldn't ya say?

Hard or soft, Jason's one irresistible package, wouldn't ya say?
Cameron Diaz on-screen OR lunching with Cameron Crowe off-screen

Kissing Cameron Diaz, period.

Zara: Pick one. (You may NOT explain yourself.)

* Automatic OR Manual Transmission


* Coke OR Pepsi


* Quentin Tarantino OR Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith.

* Kate Winslet OR Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley.

* Lead Action Star OR Supporting Character Actor

Supporting Character Actor

Zara: What are some of your upcoming films our readers can expect to see you in? Anything exciting or new going on that we don't already know about?

Jason: There are a lot of projects going on with me right now actually!!! I am BUSY. I just booked MCTAGGERT'S FORTUNE, I'm shooting THE PENTAGON MEMO next month, and there's a film called THE PAINTING that I star in and am co-producing scheduled for release in (2009). I also act as Casting Director for that project, which is really exciting. It's a wonderful story. Jessy Schram is the focus of my love interest, and the Olsen Twins are expected to bring heavy attention as soon as we finish negotiations.

Zara: I wasn't born Awesome, it was just something that I picked up after spending far too much time on MySpace. But it's a name that managed to stick with me and come to be the name that strangers identify me with. I challenge you to do the same. One word + Jason. Go for it.

Jason: Irresistible Jason.

Irresistible, unstoppable, exceptional, provocative, intriguing, captivating... all of that and more. In fact, I'm not quite sure the world is ready for Jason Seitz.

But be prepared... he's coming your way and ready to make his impact.

Catch up with Jason at his YouTube account

Make sure to check out Jason's IMDb profile

Listen to an interview with Jason on The American Perspective Radio Program

You can also catch up with Jason on his own site, www.jasonseitz.com

And if you're looking for Jason as a friend on MySpazz

Or message Jason directly here on MatchFlick.com

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