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Where're My Girls At?
by Aidan Abhorrent

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This is the woman I have to look up to? I'll pass.

This is the woman I have to look up to? I'll pass.
I have a lot of time on my hands during the day. And, I'm a thinker. To those of you who are a little slow, this means I think a lot. It's a simple equation: Time + Thinker = Thoughts & Questions. There are a lot of things I sit at home contemplating.

Why is the sky blue?
Why is it so hard to unwrap a freaking Band-Aid?
Why don't lesbians have a strong Hollywood role model?

I mean, really? I've racked my brain day in and day out for the past week, and I can't think of one really well-known lesbian actress in Hollywood. At least, not one worth looking up to.

I can think of a plethora of actresses who've claimed the bi card in the past. But, very few who are really, full-blown dykes.

Okay, so I guess having a successful bisexual female in Hollywood is better than not having the female half of the lgbtq community represented, but still. It would be nice if lesbians had someone to idolize who didn't fall back on the comfort of that 50% hetero life.

The fact is, very rarely do we see bisexual actresses actually expressing the female-loving part of their identity.

We have Drew Barrymore who is admittedly bisexual. However, she's also stated that she could never just be with a woman. A point that was proven when she married Tom Green. Really? Tom Green? The "Bum Bum Song" guy is a better catch than... any female-loving female on the face of this earth? It's Drew freaking Barrymore we're talking about here. It's not like she'd
The bisexual diamond in the heterosexual rough...

The bisexual diamond in the heterosexual rough...
be getting shot down very often.

And, not to nit pick at Barrymore; I think she's a lovely actress and I commend her on cleaning herself up from her turbulent childhood, but I don't see myself looking up to a woman who would flash Dave Letterman. Sorry.

Queer chicks need someone to look up to, especially younger girls who are struggling with the stigma that being gay in a straight world carries. It's hard to come out when the only times you ever see some one "like you" is a fictional character.

What? You don't think little gay girls want to grow up to be movie starlets? You think we all wanted to be Ani DiFranco when we got older? Well, okay. Maybe I did, but I'm just one girl. Gay girls, just like straight girls (*gasp* go figure!), may have dreams of winning an Academy Award. It would be a lot easier to chase that dream if they saw more women in the spotlight who were gay.

Who are the gay women we have to look up to? And, I mean the full blown lesbians. No bisexual women, but honest to God lesbians.

Ellen Degeneres? Because she's the picture of glamour and prestige. Has she ever really been in a big Hollywood movie? Her biggest role in film that I can remember was that she played the voice of Dora in FINDING NEMO.

Oh, yea. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Who's our other most prominent public lesbian? Rosie O'Donnell.
...do I really have to say anything?

The closest woman I can find in
...or maybe not.

...or maybe not.
Hollywood that would be a suitable role model for lesbians young and older is, of course, Angelina Jolie.

I'm not a huge Jolie fan. I'm one of maybe two or three people in existence who doesn't really find her all that attractive. She's an okay actress, but she doesn't make me do flips. I won't automatically go see a movie just because she's in it.
And, besides all that, she's only bisexual. But, at least she's more open about it than some other "bisexual" actresses, even if she has assimilated herself into a heterosexual lifestyle, with her boyfriend Brad Pitt (another person who's looks I think are vastly overrated, by the way) and her happy little family.

But, she is worth looking up to. She's a strong woman who's capable of making her own life choices. She leads a pretty healthy lifestyle; we never hear about her getting shit-faced at some club in Hollywood or going on three day coke binges. She gives back to the world through her humanitarian work. She takes damn good care of her family.

That sounds like someone I wouldn't mind looking up to.

Of course, Ms. Jolie has her drawbacks, as well.

There was, of course, that whole thing with her marrying Billy Bob Thornton. *shudder* She's been long since estranged from her father Jon Voight. She has a penchant for stealing other women's husbands (yes, I was on Team Jen!). Oh, and she makes out with her brother.

So... maybe we should keep looking for that role model, yea?

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Aidan Abhorrent
Aiden is a queer punk rocker feminist with a loud mouth and too much to say. Studying psychology and sociology makes her think she knows everything about everybody, which she very well might.

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