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Up and Coming Awesomeness in '08
by AwesomeZara

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Bela, the Sock Hunter and Screenwriter

Bela, the Sock Hunter and Screenwriter
There's going to be some changes around here. In my personal life, not that it's any of your bee's wax (you'll never grow too old to say that) as well as with my column.

I started looking over some of my older columns and realized that I was fooling myself into thinking that I was covering new and uncharted territory with each brilliant insight that I scribed. I repeated myself a lot, I discovered. I repeat myself in my personal life too often and let's just say that I've made a vow not to do that in 2008. Well, not to do it as much. Well, to try and get my socks into the dirty laundry basket before the cat starts carrying them around the house like the mice that his retarded little head thinks they are.

What was I saying? Oh, yeah. That I wasn't going to be repeating myself anymore. How does one go about that in an industry which is built on the pillaging and rape of other previously produced work? I thought you'd never ask.

With interviews.

And not with people that you're frothing at the mouth to read about. Wait, that sounds bad. You're going to like these people, I swear. You're going to learn something from
When in doubt, use random pictures of the inside of your car

When in doubt, use random pictures of the inside of your car
them, develop crushes on them and hopefully a few months later be barred from coming within 500 feet of them.

You see, I like to pat myself on the back for recognizing people that don't get it often enough. The problem is that with every lovingly crafted word that I type out about Donal Logue, there are a million other undiscovered Donal Logues out there. People who only wish that they could have the success that he's had.

Most of the people working within the entertainment industry do so with very little credit. They do it for the love of the craft or to gain residence in the corner of Brit-Brit's eye on a lonely Saturday night, clinging to even those dirty and tattered coattails. Most of the people in the industry will come and go without ever causing a celebutastrophe. They will do their work, get their paycheck, decide which bills are getting paid and which utilities are getting shut off, all while fending off calls from mom about how they don't come home enough.

I want to shine a portion of my measly 50 watt light bulb in their direction and hopefully gain insight as to what it takes to get through
Just because she has red hair does NOT make her the next Lindsay Lohan

Just because she has red hair does NOT make her the next Lindsay Lohan
doing what they love. What causes so many people joy and consternation. We feed off the big stars, but those who hold those people up need to be recognized as well.

It's hard to think in this house right now. There's so much background noise and other distractions that I can't even strap together a piece on how difficult it must be for those struggling in the industry to get a leg up.

My point is, I couldn't do what they do.

And what they do is what I'm going to be featuring in the coming year.

Everyone from actors and actresses to directors, writers, production assistants, cameramen and stand-up comedians. People who you haven't heard of, don't know by name and wouldn't recognize while they served you your Starbucks.

Because Hollywood isn't just about the first set of names listed on imdb.com pages. It's standing on the shoulders of those people listed under the "more" hyperlink.

I'm a writer for MatchFlick.com, a little guy when it comes to entertainment websites. Where better to find the up-and-coming "little guys" that you should know more about?

And with that sloppily constructed argument, I'm off.

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