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Anorexia Psychosa
by Jeff Winston

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No thanks, I couldn't possibly eat a second tic tac.

No thanks, I couldn't possibly eat a second tic tac.
One of my favorite actresses, if for no other reason than she is amazingly hot, is Kiera Knightly. She is sexy, not half bad at acting and she is quite intelligent. The only concern I have with her is that I'd be afraid to break her if the gods ever granted me the gift of being able to hug her for a friendly greeting. I mean for god's sake, I have gone to bowling alleys and thrown balls down the lane that weighed more than her. She's so thin that Calista Flockheart thinks she should eat more. She's so thin that if she ever commits a crime, they can't leave her alone in the cell because she could escape through the bars just by turning sideways.

I can not stand the fact that movies, television, magazines, and the media in general sexualize woman who could be mistaken twelve year old boys with nothing more than short haircuts and baggy clothing. I mean what says sexy more than seeing every individual rib just from turning your head ninety degrees? Why is this sexy? Why do we like to give out the message that you are sexiest if your weight is in the double digits, and your daily food intake has fewer calories that the average lifespan of the Galapagos turtle?

Young girls are very impressionable, and the media does not help with all the images of women, thin women, which convey the message that thinner is better. I recently read statistic that thirty percent of all girls have been on a diet by the
I'm not saying I'm thin, but Sally Struthers made an informercial about me.

I'm not saying I'm thin, but Sally Struthers made an informercial about me.
age of twelve, and ten percent have been on one before the age of ten. Now I know I'm only thirty years young myself, and just maybe I don't know much about anything, but why the fark is any girl, not competing in a high level sports, on any kind of a diet? You know what screw that, why the fark is any girl, at all, on a diet before the age of sixteen?

Yeah, that's right, I said fark, it's mine, but you can use it! (My homage to the master comedian Dane Cook)

There is no good reason why a GIRL should be on a diet, unless it threatens her health. If the girl is so fat, or on her way to becoming so fat, that her body will be affected by the obesity THEN put her on a diet. But when nine year olds spontaneously decide that they should cut ice cream out of their diet because they are afraid it will affect their figure, there is something wrong.

I liked the scene in the movie LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE where the family convinced Olive to eat ice cream by using reverse psychology and steered her away from having the mindset which the dad was trying to instill in her, that thinner was better for her career. The irony of the failing father preaching how to succeed aside, she was convinced that she's a kid first, and that she needs to be happy with herself, rather than conforming to an image others want her to have, or think that she should have.

Kids are constantly shown that being thin is better, and
Yes I can be sexy too.

Yes I can be sexy too.
that to succeed you should starve yourself. There is a difference between obesity and mummification of a living body. We abhor the emaciation we see in starving kids in Africa while ironically applauding and idolizing the supermodel that looks that way by choice.

Make no mistake about it people, this is a problem. The problem is compounded by the fact that none of us is properly educated on a proper diet, schools supply our kids with crap, and that parents buy crap because it is cheaper. A kid is told by the media that they should be thin, while they are being fed crap that makes them fat. Most of the food kids do eat makes them quite large while they are told they should be at the opposite end of the spectrum. Kids are convinced they should look like one extreme while the poor choices of the people responsible for their welfare take them to the other.

Now, I know this rant went largely off the topic of thin actresses in the movies, but my point is still there, we should stop sexualizing such thin women. For a change, let's tell Kiera Knightly that she has to GAIN ten pounds for the role, and not tell other actresses that they have to LOSE ten. Let's have some sexy frumpier girls as leading ladies in some chick flicks, because they look for love too. Let's send out the message that you are sexier for more than your looks.

I know it's a stretch, but just maybe, I might be on to something here.

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Jeff Winston
I am a part time writer and full time teacher. I am currently stationed in the middle of nowhere, northern Alberta, Canada. I love movies, and I love to vent, I am happy to have an outlet to incorporate both here on Matchflick.

If you have a comment, question, or suggestion, you can send a message to Jeff Winston by clicking here.

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