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Gone Too Soon
by Jeff Winston

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Do want some life avers, hot dog, slurpee.......... I knew I knew ya.

Do want some life avers, hot dog, slurpee.......... I knew I knew ya.
I would like to take some time to recognize some of the actors who have left us before their time. I personally enjoy all of these actors and I am saddened that the world can not personally enjoy the roles these people never had a chance to create due, to their early exit from the stage.


PLANES TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES is one of the greatest comedies of all time. I can not look at Candy in most parts of this movie without cracking up. John had such a great comedic timing, and a naturally funny physical presence that every movie he made was funnier with him in it, even if the movie was not tat funny to begin with, Another great example of a movie that he made funnier was THE GREAT OUTDOORS. It was a very cute and enjoyable film, but the reactions to the situations johns character got into made this movie a must see classic comedy.

John was a very talented Canadian who dies much too early of a heart attack, brought on by the weight that was part of his appeal. I am thankful that this dedicated and gifted actor had a chance to make many good roles in his time, but I would have liked to see more. With a little more time on the globe I know he would have shined in a dramatic role. He was just starting to branch
The greatest physical comedy actor of the last 25 years

The greatest physical comedy actor of the last 25 years
out more into drama when he passed, and I know we'd be seeing his name at the Oscars had he lived.


Here is another comedic genius named John. I have one main movie to recommend to you to show the talent this actor had for comedy. Aside for the role of Jack Tripper, where John first caught our attention, you must see John in the film SKINDEEP. This is an older movie, from the mid eighties, and it's got a lot in there that dates it, but there is no dating the physical comedy that John puts into this role, and turns it into another must see comedy.

Again we have another actor whose heart gave him an early exit. I hope this sends a message to all people that your weight is a major factor in your health. Our North American obsession with Laziness has contributed to so many early deaths simply because we say we are too lazy to take care of ourselves. I guess wed rather have our children grow up without fathers and mothers because we couldn't get off our asses long enough to watch the entire season of Desperate Housewives. John Ritter was not even that heavy, but his diet was not the greatest, and he did have a high body fat level. I wish this man had taken better care of himself as I think when the show wrapped
An underrated talent who never got his big chance to shine.

An underrated talent who never got his big chance to shine.
up his film career would have kick started again.


This man died way too young. You simply have to see THE THING CALLED LOVE and SNEAKERS to see what this actor was capable of pulling off. This man would have undoubtedly been nominated for an Oscar by now and more than likely would have won.

This is where Lindsay Lohan is heading right quick. I know I defended her actions in my first column as normal for her age, and I still hold that opinion, but there is a line between normal and dangerous. This line is crossed everyday, and many people like to flirt with danger to feel alive, however, Phoenix gave his life to wild nights out, flirting with that line and pushing his limits. I think what Phoenix did was perfectly normal for his age, just as I think what Lohan is doing is normal for hers. I am sure that if River could give a little bit of advice to Lindsay he would say, "Slow down girl, or you're gonna be 6 feet under like me."

This article is part one of a two part tribute. Please watch next week for my article on three other great actors who were taken too early. In the meantime please go to the store and find the movies I've mentioned today. You will not be disappointed if you haven't seen the yet.

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Jeff Winston
I am a part time writer and full time teacher. I am currently stationed in the middle of nowhere, northern Alberta, Canada. I love movies, and I love to vent, I am happy to have an outlet to incorporate both here on Matchflick.

If you have a comment, question, or suggestion, you can send a message to Jeff Winston by clicking here.

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