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ROCKY BALBOA hopes to bring back older movie fans
by Tony Farinella

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ROCKY is back!!!

ROCKY is back!!!
We are only about a week away until ROCKY BALBOA makes its debut on the big screen all over America. I might be alone in my enthusiasm for the film, but I cannot wait to see this movie. It will be my first time ever seeing ROCKY on the big screen in all its glory. I was born the year ROCKY 4 came out, so I couldn't have seen that movie sadly. Unless my mom took me to see the film while I was in her belly. I sadly don't recall this occurring. If I did happen to see it while in her belly, I can't imagine the view being very good. I was only 5-years-old when ROCKY 5 came out all over America in 1990. I might have been a little young for the boxing violence of the ROCKY series back then. Now I stand before you as a 21-year-old male ready to see my first ROCKY movie in a packed theater with other ROCKY fans. You can say it's an unnecessary sequel, but the magic of ROCKY never dies.

How will ROCKY do with everyone else at the box office? I have thought this over many times and I truly cannot come up with an answer. I can easily envision the movie being a flop. I can also picture the film being a big box office success and bringing in over 100 million dollars. I just wonder how the film will do with the forgotten audience of adults age 35 and up. They are almost completely ignored when it comes to movies. Films today are made for three types of audiences in an effort to make the most money. Sadly, they are not included in that bunch. The first audience is the teen audience with a lot of money to blow along with time. The second audience is young children that want to see fun animation with some laughs along the way. The third and final audience is the art audience. They usually seek out films like BABEL. How about films for adults? They are almost always forgotten about these days. I can only think of one film they would have enjoyed from this past year and that is THE DEPARTED.

That means out of 300 plus movies released in a year, they only release two films that are suited for adults. THE DEPARTED
If you are over 35, do you want to see this?

If you are over 35, do you want to see this?
and now ROCKY. Don't believe me? Let's look at what is out at the movies at this very moment. I'll look at the local cinema that is 5 minutes from my house and see what 6 films they have playing at this moment. First we have CASINO ROYALE, which is mostly for teens who want a new and edgier Bond without any of the gimmicks. I don't think the new Bond will catch on any with adults, but it is definitely loved by teens age 18-24. We have BORAT, which I would consider aimed at teens who like their humor with lots of bite. FLUSHED AWAY and HAPPY FEET will please the young ones out there, but not many parents will be smiling along the way. SANTA CLAUSE 3 won't be pleasing anyone by the looks of it. Lastly, we have Deja Vu, which is for teens who like their action to never stop. If you are over 35, do you see anything that's suited for you?

I'm guessing not.

I remember the days of going to the movies as a young kid and seeing adults all over lining up to see movies. THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY brought in a great older market of movie fans from seniors to middle aged couples. How about films like FORREST GUMP? Now with most films, you turn off at least 50 percent of your audience by only going after one audience. Why not try to win adults? I have an adult in my household and he wants to see movies. Sadly, nothing out there is even remotely interesting to him. My grandma used to see movies weekly with my Aunt, and the last movie they saw was at least 10 years ago. They have been completely abandoned by the movie world lately by not having enough movies to interest them. It is a dirty shame, since they have money and are ready to spend it if something is out there for them to see. They have no interest in seeing a horror movie or any teen comedy.

Now let's bring in ROCKY BALBOA

I assume everyone has seen the first ROCKY at least a dozen times. I don't think I know a person who has not see the film and loved it. The 4 sequels that followed it might not have been as endearing, but they were seen
Go out on top ROCKY!

Go out on top ROCKY!
by a good chunk of people. My dad has even told me many times about the first time he saw ROCKY on the big screen with his parents and how magical it was. Anyone that is over 40 remembers the first time they saw ROCKY and how much the film meant to them. I consider it an adult movie. It's fairly smart and it brings in an adult audience. People love a great motivational story and they also love Sylvester Stallone. He's charming, endearing, and comical. He also seems like a decent human being. He reminds people of when a movie hero was good and pure. Now we live in the era of the anti-hero being popular and loved. ROCKY was a movie that you could bring the whole family to see and you wouldn't worry about being embarrassed by any scenes. It was not only an adult movie, but a family movie. A smart family movie.

ROCKY is being released during the holidays and that is a great marketing idea. What better way to spend the holidays then with ROCKY BALBOA and your family? You can avoid your annoying relatives and sneak out early and see a late night showing of ROCKY BALBOA. It sure will be comical to see Dad's face when he goes to pay for the tickets and sees the great increase in price. It will be even more comical when he goes to buy popcorn and sees the price. He will then see why he stopped going to the movies in the first place. If he has a big family, he could end up spending up to 100 dollars at the movie. But it's worth it for ROCKY BALBOA, right? I hope so. I think if ROCKY BALBOA does well, we will see more adult and family themed films. I think this film is a big test to see how the market reacts to this film and what they want to see. The audience will speak loud and clear. They'll let you know what they want to see and what they don't want to see. They are not shy about sharing their opinion loud and proud. The fact my dad the dinosaur is interested in seeing this movie and is willing to get rid of the Kung-Fu grip on his wallet does say something. But will others be as generous?

I hope so.

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