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JUST MY LUCK leaves me craving a John Hughes era
by Tony Farinella

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Upon viewing last weekend's teen comedy JUST MY LUCK, it left me missing the 80's when teen comedies were equally sweet, realistic, and funny all in one. Hughes was able to channel what teenagers were feeling. Their hopes, fears, dreams, desires, lusts and everything in between. It's no surprise that his films even 20 plus years later are still considered classics and ring true even to this very day. Unfortunately, in the 6 years of this decade, no one has been able to find films that connect what teenagers really think and feel.

Teen films today are usually really formulaic and connect the dots. Mean blond girl with group of equally mean yet dumb sidekicks. Quiet wall flower who hopes to discover her inner beauty. Dorky, sleazy kid who pursues the wall flower, yet she has no interest. The confused and baffled parents who
John Hughes

John Hughes
have no idea about anything really. A hunky guy who when he is seen, angelic music plays. Cheerleader blond girl has the hunky boyfriend, wallflower admires from a distance yet is too shy to speak to him. Wallflower ends up with hunky guy at the prom, roll credits.

Hollywood has an extremely tough time giving teenagers any credit as being smart, thoughtful, intelligent or worthwhile. Why is this you might ask? I don't think they have any idea what real teenagers think, feel, or care about. In today's fast paced and get up and go world, parents rarely have time to sit down and talk with their teenagers. Between 40 hour work weeks, sleep, and dinner, it really leaves no time for discussions with the teenagers.

It's no surprise therapy is high in these days, as well as medication. With parents not having time for their kids,

they need someone to talk to. Considering that all films are done by adults, its no surprise they have no idea what goes on in the complicated world of teens. Teens need a voice that properly captures their world. Their worries about the future, their feelings of alienation, their dreams. Sit down and ask them. Who are you? How do you feel? What's on your mind?

I yearn for a teenage comedy that makes me say "I'm proud to be a teen." The kind that makes you say to yourself "I know how that feels," or "I know someone who has been through that." The kind that is able to make you laugh and cry in equally measure. Not vomit and shake your head at one instance by the piece of junk you see on the screen that is no by no means an indication of teens. We need teenage comedy/dramas to be proud of.

Let's hope someone comes along soon.

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Tony Farinella
Tony is an Oak Lawn, IL based film reviewer and columnist looking to have fun and share his unique views on film with everyone. Tony also has an unhealthy obsession with Vanessa Lengies, but that is neither here nor there.

If you have a comment, question, or suggestion, you can send a message to Tony Farinella by clicking here.

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